Akshay Kumar New Movie 'Airlift' Different From 'Argo' !

Akshay Kumar denies all comparisons between his film Airlift and Hollywood's Argo.

Bollywood star Akshay Kumar, who will be seen in "Airlift", enlivened by the evacuation of Indians who were stuck in Kuwait amid the Iraq-Kuwait war, says it can't be compared with Hollywood star Ben Affleck's Oscar-winning film "Argo". This is a totally unique story and non-anecdotal. "Airlift" is based around a Kuwait-based entrepreneur who was stuck alongside more than a lakh individuals who were staying in Kuwait around then (1990).


“‘Airlift’ and ‘Argo’ are two different films and they can’t be compared,” according to Akshay. 

"Argo" annals the last chance clandestine operation to protect six Americans, which developed in the background of the Iran prisoner emergency — reality of which was not known by people in general for a considerable length of time. Actress Nimrat Kaur, who will be offering screen space to Akshay in the motion picture, said: "'Argo' is a little scale operation and it's certain. Both are diverse episodes and there is no likeness between the two.

Commenting over his film, Akshay said that he would act as a multi-millionaire businessman who loses everything in the war. “I have seen a film like this… Balraj Sahni’s ‘Waqt’ where a person goes through the same experience. That film got stuck on my mind.” Akshay had this to say when asked.

The film's star Akshay Kumar feels that the genuine story of his upcoming film "Airlift", in light of the greatest rescue operations of Indians in Kuwait amid the 90s when Iraqi despot Saddam Hussain attacked his neighboring nation, should own a place in various course books. In 1990, Saddam Hussain attacked Kuwait. The Iraqi Army assumed control over the city inside of a couple of hours. Kuwait, around then, was home to very nearly 170,000 Indians, and individuals had all of a sudden become homeless and penniless.

When the “Special 26” actor first heard about the happening, he was taken by surprise. “This is a real story. This story was hidden from all of us. India did a big thing of bringing back 1,70,000 Indians and it is there in the World Guinness records… It is the biggest airlift evacuation done by any country,” he exclaimed.

For his part in the movie, Akshay spoke in Arabic dialect a few times. "It is a hard dialect. I did talk yet it was troublesome I needed to by-heart the dialect," he said. For reference to play this character, Akshay returned to Balraj Sahini's film "Waqt" as he could associate with the feelings. Furthermore, he additionally met a couple of pilots as well.

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