Happy Birthday Kefera Buchmann: The Social Networking Queen

Wishing Kefera a very happy birthday!

Famous for her 5incominutos YouTube channel, that had four million subscribers and shut to 3 hundred million views as of March 2015, this Brazilian net comedienne uploaded such wildly fashionable videos as "Isso Nao e Coisa De Piranha" and "Respondendo o Professor."

Kefera Buchmann

Popular across various social media sites, she had 3 million Facebook likes; over 600 thousand Vine followers; 1,000,000 Instagram fans; and nearly eight hundred thousand Twitter followers by the start of 2015.

Born Kefera Buchmann de Matos Pereira Johnson in Curitiba, Parana, Brazil, she later settled down in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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She (born on 25 of January of 1993) is an actress, vlogueira, presenter and Brazilian writer. Kéfera was born and raised in Curitiba, where she completed her elementary and high school and graduated in the course of theater.

In August of 2014, Kéfera moved to a house in São Paulo, to live alone and present, in place of Fiuk, the program Coletivation, next to the presenter and comedian, Patrick Maia. However, published information gave account that Viacom proved dissatisfied with the program's production, made by Eyeworks. Coletivation hung in the air until the end of September of 2014 and its entire team was informed that the contract would not be renewed. In the same year, Kéfera closes disclosure of partnership with the production company "Paramaker" and "5inco Minutes".And does a stake in Parafernalha and channel Felipe Neto.

In film, the actress participates in a scene in Brazilian film, "The Turn of the Night" (2014) and is invited to the Brazilian dubbing the character GoGo Tomago, animation"Big Hero 6" (2014), produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures.

In 2015, the performer dispatched her attire line to sell online by means of the Internet. What's more, before long, her book "Much More Than 5inco Minutes" by Parallel distributer. The book was the top of the line Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro, where it was released.

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