Hema Malini Offered Land in Mumbai for Just Rs 70,000

Now this appears to be yet another land scam in which Hema Malini is involved.

Thus, this might come as a noteworthy news. A RTI has as of late revealed that veteran Bollywood actress Hema Malini is on to something truly fishy! She has been assigned land worth crores of rupees in Mumbai for just Rs. 70,000! We don't know whether to be offended or envious. Be that as it may, this is essentially not reasonable. 

Hema Malini

A RTI recorded by RTI activist Anil Galgali uncovered this stunning truth. Hema Malini has been distributed the area measuring 2000 sq meters in Mumbai's Oshiwara region at Rs 35 for each sq mtr. What's more, think about what, even Congress MP and current IPL Chairman Rajeev Shukla got a comparative sort of 'point of preference', which made a tremendous ruckus. At last, Shukla's BAG organization needed to give back the dispensed plot. In the interim, it had really been 20 years since Hema Malini drew nearer the state for a plot, and now the area had been authorized to her.

Hema Malini, a former acting prowess and trained Bharatnatyam artist, has a place with the BJP and is a parliamentarian from Uttar Pradesh. A month prior, the Maharashtra government allocated a 2,000-square-meter plot Andheri in the western rural areas of Mumbai for her proposed move school. 

As per the Right to Information (RTI) Act by lobbyist Anil Galgali, Hema Malini was allocated the plot worth crores of rupees for a meager amount - that is as indicated by the business sector esteem in 1976, utilized by the legislature to endorse land for any working for expressions, instruction or society. The area is worth at any rate Rs. 50 crore, as indicated by a few appraisals.

She was then doled out a plot in Andheri in 2010 by the Congress-drove government. In spite of the fact that the range was intended to be held for an open patio nursery, Mr Khadse said the standards were changed. 

The BJP-driven government has completed on the dedication made by the past government, the pastor included. 

"Why did she not give back the more seasoned plot and after that take another one?" Mr Galgali told NDTV. 

The move school's proposition gauges a general expense of Rs. 18 crores, and the lobbyist asserts that Hema Malini, 67, has not possessed the capacity to demonstrate that she has 25 for each penny of that cash, as required via land rules.

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