Priyanka Chopra's Quantico Seems Like a Silly Spy Drama

A lot of absurdity and wonderful individuals along with luscious turns is waiting for the audiences of Quantico. Created by Joshua Safran who was also a former showrunner on “Smash” and executive producer on “Gossip Girl,” this drama-thriller wants to be a smooth, edgy secret in which a skilled FBI recruit must monitor down who’s accountable for a dangerous New York terrorist attack before federal regulators capture her first, believing she’s the criminal.

priyanka chopra

But for a show about experienced, extremely brilliant agents, “Quantico’s” lead often succumbs to lame-brained planning and a less-than-convincing expression of its specific milieu.

As this ABC show reveals, Alex Parrish performed by Priyanka Chopra is relaxing among the stones of a Manhattan building that’s just been detonated. Flashing back about eight months, we see Alex taking a plane from the Bay Area to the FBI’s coaching academia in Quantico, Va, where she and a number of other employees will see if they have the mettle to be government providers. A sign of the pilot’s soap opera-like features, though, before Alex gets to Virginia, she meets a dashing stranger, Mike McLaughlin, on her journey, whom she impulsively nails in his truck once they land, supposing she’ll never see him again–except, of course, he’s a other recruit, Ryan Booth, which indicates they’ll be investing time together.


It's quite possible to believe that the producers really desired to milk the show to do whatever it requires to make an impression on the Indian target audience. Do they not know that we've already viewed oldies like The Sopranos or The Wire? Every dramatic head turn, every individual impressive stop before braying out a poorly published range creates you understand that Quantico is just a daily soap opera with an FBI background. What self-respecting FBI agent requests "Where are you getting me?" considerably after she's handcuffed by another agent?

Don't get us incorrect – we are all for an Indian actor creating it big in the American Television platform. Despite our concerns with Fashion and Mary Kom, we'd freely support Priyanka Chopra getting a reasonable part in a well-written show. We want to be as positive as Chopra's co-workers in Bollywood who're assisting her despite her part getting panned by experts. But unfortunately, Quantico isn't a show we can root for.

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