Taliban Attacks University in Pakistan, Kills Many

Fresh terror attacks in Pakistan. Atleast 10 killed.

Quite a few shooters have reportedly attacked Bacha Khan University in northwest Pakistan, allegedly slaughtering up to 20 individuals and harming 50 others. Students and instructors are affirmed to have been on the premises at the season of the assault.

Taliban Attacks University in Pakistan

Armed force troops have cordoned off the region, and relatives of the students have assembled outside the premises. A military helicopter is hovering over the territory. 

The definite number of assailants stays unsubstantiated, with a few reports saying there were eight shooters and that no less than two of them have been executed in continuous shooting with law implementers at the grounds. The Pakistani Taliban terrorist group confirmed responsibility regarding the assault.

More than 50 people were injured in the slaughter, Provincial Minister Shaukat Yousafzai said before the media. There are also casualties, with some reports claiming as many as 20 people died.

The attack reportedly occurred when the university was organizing a poetry event which was being attended by around 600 guests.

Taliban Attacks University in Pakistan

The Bacha Khan University might have been targeted by the attackers since, January 20 is the date of death of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, the Pashtun peace extremist and otherworldly pioneer, after whom the organization was named. 

There are around 3,000 students at Bacha Khan University, Vice Chancellor Fazal Raheem told the media, Daily Pakistan reported. Pakistan's Geo TV station is referring to neighborhood police who say terminating can be heard originating from inside the college.

There were also reports of blasts heard from the premises of the university.

Reuters saw a lecturer in the English department as telling that most of the students and staff were in classes when the shooting began.

"I have no idea about what's going on but I heard one security official talking on the phone to someone and [he] said many people had been killed and injured," professor Shabir Khan shared with the news agency.

Pakistan is tasting the taste of its own medicine. In recent times many attacks have happened in the neighbouring country in which lots of common people have been killed unnecessarily. Pakistan is known to sponsor terrorism on its soil. India is facing the brunt of this for many years now. It has repeatedly organized such activities against India. 

India has also given proofs of such attacks to them, but they seem to be in vain as they have been denying the same all this time.

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