Vote For Your City To Invite the Magcon Family !

Which will be the next city for the Magcon family?

Vote For Your City To Invite the Magcon

MAGCON family is a gathering of young men beginning at the age of 15, and goes till 19 years old. You might be pondering, why these young men are renowned and what do they do? Well these young men are social networking stars who are assuming control over all of social media. It began with one application called, "Vine". Vine is an application where clients can post a 6 second video of whatever they need. These young men got alleged "Vine Famous".The MAGCON young men were clearly truly clever and appealing which got numerous young ladies consideration. Presently, the MAGCON young men are heading out from city to city on the MAGCON visit. There next stop is in Chicago on March 1-2. These 2,500 tickets sold out in 30 seconds! With Nash Grier at 5.8 million supporters on vine and Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa, and Carter Reynolds with 2 million+ adherents, they have assumed control over the hearts of numerous high school young ladies. 

You might feel that these young men are self obsessed, conceited, juvenile young men searching for fame and cash. All things considered, they aren't. Numerous young ladies have tweeted, remarked, or let them know in individual that they have saved their life. These adolescent young men have persuaded numerous high school young ladies that they are justified, despite all the trouble and life merits battling for. They spared numerous high school young lady's lives. 

MAGCON is a visit that Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Matt Espinosa, Shawn Mendes, Taylor Caniff, Aaron Carpenter, Carter Reynolds, Jack Johnson, and Jack Gilinsky go ahead to go to urban communities everywhere throughout the nation. From Dallas, to Nashville, to San Francisco, they meet a huge number of fans that are kicking the bucket to see them. You likewise may be asking why they call it "MAGCON". Indeed, it remains for something. The M-A-G stand for Meet And Greet and the C-O-N stand for Convention. In this way, Meet And Greet Convention. Where online networking stars from YouTube and Vine get the opportunity to meet their fans safy. Well for any guardian, obviously they are concerned what they are doing there. Try not to stress, the young men folks tag along to ensure the young men aren't doing anything they should. Go and take a look at the official site for MAGCON. 

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