David Headley Reveals Name of His Commander in Mumbai Terror Attack !

Headley confronts before a Mumbai court regarding the 26/11 terror attacks.

One time FBI agent and Lashkar executioner David Headley said to a special Mumbai court on Monday that his Lashkar "associate" Sajid Mir was his principle contact in the terror outfit. 

David Headley

Following up on Mir's guidelines, Headley changed his name from Dawood Gilani to David Headley. He then applied for a U.S. passport with the changed name. 

Headley affirmed that he needed a changed name and new travel permit all together to enter India. "So that I could enter with an American name and to conceal my identity," he said dismissing under the steady gaze of special judge G.A. Sanap by means of video conferencing from an undisclosed location in the U.S. 

Headley likewise said that Mir instructed him to go to India and set up an office keeping in mind the end goal to settle in India. He was additionally advised to make "a general video of the city of Mumbai."

In 2010, Headley was captured by the U.S. powers and he admitted to them about his part in the 26/11 assaults. In 2013, a U.S. court sentenced him to 35 years' detainment for twelve government terrorism wrongdoings identified with his part in the Mumbai assaults, including directing surveillance of target areas. Acting like an American, he made five stretched out treks to Mumbai — in September 2006, February and September 2007, and April and July 2008 — every time making tapes of different potential targets, incorporating those assaulted in November 2008. After these treks he flew out to Pakistan to meet Lashkar individuals and hand over his reconnaissance material.

Extreme pressure by the United States drove the Lashkar to close down its camps to foreigners. Headley had landed at Mir's camp soon after the foreigners were removed under ISI pressure — and was utilized to target India alone. 

In an intercepted September 17, 2009 telephone discussion with a previous Pakistani military officer and military mentor called Abdur Rehman Hashim, Headley railed against Mir who, he stated, had "rotten guts." "I am just telling you, " he addressed Hashim "that the companies in your competition have started handling themselves in a far better way."

Accordingly, Headley came to India on eight occasions. Seven of the eight times he visited Mumbai, directly from Pakistan.

Headley also testified to making a visa application with false details for protecting his cover in India.

The court began recording his statement at 7.10 a.m. The deposition will continue till 12.30 pm.

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