Do Celebrate Parents Worship Day on This Valentines Day

On 14th February think about celebrating parent's worship day.

Bal Sanskar Wing of Sant Shri Asha Ram Bapu's Ashram, Bhagwati Nagar, has requested that the kids observe Valentine Day as Parents Worship Day.

Parents Worship Day

Tending to a question and answer session, the individuals from the Bal Sanskar Wing requested that the adolescent observe "Folks Worship Day" on February 14 as a substitute of Valentine Day, a day which has brought devastation among the young people and youth following the time when its commencement by Mr Valentine. 

“Presenting a flower to the opposite sex and proposing by uttering “I Love You” is a bad ceremony of the Western World and has spread its tentacles in India as well to an alarming extent, thereby spoiling the career of youngsters before they blossom”, they said, including that few thousand get to be pregnant, an impressive number of young ladies go for premature birth and a multitudinous youngsters fall a prey to sexual practices and in this manner subjected to lead a purposeless, capricious and a hopeless life most noticeably bad than a damnation.

To censure this routine of observing Valentine Day, Asaram Bapu ventured forward 10 years back and after exhaustive examination put set up "Mattar Pujan Diwas" (Parents Worship Day), they said, including that the youths ought regard their guardians, instructors and senior citizens as well as protection their character since great values never go waste. 

They educated that in the system, MLA and State President BJP Sat Sharma and previous Minister Priya Sethi will be visitors of honor and Swami Dinesh Bharti will be the boss visitor. 

For the benefit of Bhagwati Nagar Ashram Samiti, they welcomed the general population particularly youngsters to witness the system, which will leaves everlasting effect over the kids.

A ladies' gathering in Greater Noida is leading a crusade and encouraging schools kids to revere their guardians on Valentine's Day. It additionally led a "Sanskar Rally" on Wednesday from Sector Gama - 2 to Alfa - 2 with around 200 school kids.

The rally was sorted out by Mahila Shakti Uthan Mandal in Greater Noida. President of the Mandal Rupa Gupta said that there is a developing pattern among youngsters betraying their guardians when they are old and in need. The gathering guaranteed that there is a need to return to the nation's incredible custom of worshiping folks as Gods. "The situation is changing quick throughout the years. Parents are sent to old age homes. The folks who have no cash get no appreciation. We have chosen to commend folks' love day on Valentine's Day. We encourage the youthful kids to come back to the heavenly convention of regarding and worshiping folks," she meant to say.

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