Freedom 251: A New Scam On the Rise!!

The mobile, which, the organization says will be pre-stacked with Government of India applications like Swacch Bharat, unmitigatedly damages Apple copyright. Every one of the symbols of the implicit application are a pixel-to-pixel duplicate of Apple's iOS symbols. This is what is being alleged.

freedom 251 scam

The Freedom 251 launched by Noida-based organization Ringing Bells, is the world's least expensive cell phone. It costs Rs 251 - around $4 - and brings up a greater number of issues than answers.

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When the Hindustan Times asked the company about possible Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) violation, Ringing Bells technical head Vikas Sharma said: “We used Apple’s icons because Apple hasn’t copyrighted its designs.”

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This, obviously, is totally untrue. Macintosh has licenses for everything - including the adjusted edges of the rectangular screen of the iPad - and its application symbols are copyrighted as well.

Most implicit application symbols on the Freedom 251 are an immediate duplicate of symbols on Apple's iPhone. Examine the screenshot underneath for a one next to the other correlation of the symbols on the Freedom 251 and the iPhone. Indeed, even the web program application is a counterfeit of Apple's Safari program that just exists on iPhones, iPads, and the Mac.

The telephone – that purchasers can buy for Rs 251 from the organization's site from Thursday - was dispatched at a prominent event attended by senior BJP MP Murli Manohar Joshi and Madhya Pradesh administrator Omprakash Sakhlecha in Delhi at 7pm.

Ringing Bells has called the telephone "India's most affordable smartphone" in full-page daily paper advertisements, pitching it as an immense push for the administration's Make in India and Digital India movement.

Apart from this, yet another thing spoken about this is the generation of a huge amount of money, without doing anything. Let's look how this can be achieved :

While everybody is as yet going obsessed with Make in India crusade, simply launch a cell phone at a stunning cost, and give it a name that everybody might want to listen, similar to 'Freedom 251' for Rs 251, with components such as 3G, HD screen, double cameras and considerably more.

Get the consideration of world media and get highlighted in driving daily papers, sites, and news channels like BBC. Make the rounds on Facebook, Twitter and other online networking. Indian media will include you without knowing the realities as individuals adoration to find out about how magnificent the item is and how amazing the Indians are.

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