OMG! Justin Bieber Brazil's Next President?

Get to know about the interesting connection between the celebrity singer Justin Bieber and the Brazil'sPresidential post.

This is what is trending on twitter. Justin Bieber fans asking him to become the president of Brazil after the current head of state's impeachment is over! Now can you believe that? It's true.

Brazil’s president, Dilma Rousseff, suffered 2 setbacks on weekend in her fight against impeachment, as a minister from her main coalition ally resigned and also the supreme court quashed appeals from supporters seeking to prevent the impeachment method.

The supreme court turned back appeals from Rousseff’s allies to obstruct the legal proceedings, together with one filed by congressmen from her Workers’ party. The impeachment method was launched in the week against Rousseff by opposition politicians for accounting moves that a legislature auditor mentioned bust public finance laws.

Justin Bieber

The reactions on twitter seems to be a reaction to the protests against the current president. Rousseff has refused any wrongdoing. In her speech on this Friday in Brazil, she said that the impeachment drive against her “has no basis” and that she would adopt all available legal means available to tackle it.

As far as Justin Bieber's Brazil connection is concerned, The New York Post's "Page Six" column published several snaps last weekend and the newspaper said implied the singer was enjoying the services of Brazil's legal prostitutes while on his South America tour.

Even before the start of the impeachment proceedings against her, many inside the party argued that the PMDB should be placing itself to consider the government, with Temer at the helm.

Padilha’s departure “is clear cut indication that Rousseff can fight this battle alone,” aforesaid archangel Petrus, a political analyst at Barral M Jorge, a consultancy in Brasilia. “It is additionally an honest indication of the important interest that Temer has during this process: standing as Rousseff’s successor.“

Temer, for his half, has been lying low since the proceedings began. in an exceedingly temporary comment revealed within the Folha Diamond State S Paulo newspaper on Friday, he aforesaid he hoped the proceedings would “pacify” Brazil’s bitter political landscape.

It would be interesting to see what happens in the political circuit of the South American nation.

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