Sanjay Dutt To Be Released From Yerwada Jail on Thursday !

Date for Sanjay Dutt's release from prison announced.

As a semi-skilled worker, actor Sanjay Dutt earned a pay of Rs 38,000 over a five-year jail term be that as it may, having spent the vast majority of it on day by day use items, he would be taking home a much littler sum when he is discharged from Yerawada Central Prison on Thursday. The state prison office is as of now bustling ascertaining the compensation it owes the convict.


"The actor should have received at least Rs 38,000 but he has already spent much of the amount on buying daily use items from the jail canteen. The balance to be paid to him is just Rs 450," a source said.

Dutt, prevalently known as Munnabhai after his film character, was restricted to a high security cell for security reasons. After he played the part of a radio jockey on the jail's FM radio channel to stimulate detainees and lessen stress levels, the actor turned very prominent among kindred prisoners. He soon got to be prominent among the detainees after he executed as RJ twice in a week on the jail's FM radio for exciting prisoners for decreasing their anxiety level.

The actor, who is in his mid-fifties is serving a five-year thorough detainment term for having and pulverizing a restricted weapon, an AK-56 rifle, just before the 1993 Mumbai blasts which executed 257 individuals after the Supreme Court had maintained in conviction. His conviction was under the Arms Act. A special trial court which had attempted Dutt alongside 122 others in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blast case.

"As a film personality, he shared his experience with the inmates while appealing them to give up crime and live a reformed life after undergoing imprisonment. The inmates listened to his jokes and dialogues with rapt attention. Sanju Baba will always be remembered as an obedient prisoner," a jail official said requesting anonymity. The state government has issued instructions to prison officials asking them not to make a statement on Dutt's release since he is a high risk prisoner.

Dutt is being released 103 days ahead of the fruition of his correctional facility term because of his 'good conduct'. It was before reported that he would be released on March 7. Later on, further reports expressed that he would walk free on February 7. Yet, now, the date is settled as February 25.

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