Shocking Reaction Of people on One Night Stand

Sex has always been the no talk topic in country like India. People have always got a bit extra cautious when they are asked do you feel too awkward to talk about sex with some one. The video prepared by YTV asking Random people on the streets do they prefer one stand. We see a guy sitting in the park, this guy approaches and asks him a question do you prefer one night stand? . The guy answers in typical way show me guy who doesn't want to have one night stand with a girl.  One night stand

Well if you ask a boy do you want to have one night stand? He would say yes but why ? Thats the question you must ask him. Now girl tells if she is attracted to a person, yes she would definitely have one night stand. Yes it is totally personal choice when it comes to one night stand.

Well we have a typical gang of boys sitting and chilling what they answer shocked One night stand are the main cause of HIV and many sexual transmitted diseases. Well boys do you know something like condoms which can be used to be safe. One night stands are used to share your feelings both physical and mental. The person's personal outlook will have to play a major role when it comes to one night stand.

Now many people say having one night stand is pretty difficult in India because it is more than crowded and to find a place to do such a thing is more difficult.  

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