Sonakshi Sinha in a War of Words With One of Her Fans!

Check out Sonakshi Sinha's twitter war with a fan.

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha as we all know is known for her Bindaas style and demeanor! Frequently, crazy fans on social networking continue asking abnormal and embarassing questions to Sonakshi, on which gives it back with a blast! This time as well, it is not something other than what's expected. While having a fabulous fun session with her fans on Twitter, some guy named Parteek Goyal had a go at making our Dabangg darling furious. Obviously, he hadn't expected that the on-screen character would give it back in such a way! Leave aside this chap; even others were frightened and stunned by this reaction of Sona. While having a #sonasays, Parteek asked this actress such a question which made her go wild. He asked her when might she flaunt her body and when might she wear a swimming outfit in an unseemly way. Here's his tweet:-

Parteek Tweeted saying “@sonakshisinha when are u showing us ur body? When will you wear a bikini?

Sona was not going to take it lightly! See how she reacted and gave him back. Here is how the actress gave it back:

@parteek91 ask your mum or sister the same question you creep. Let me know what they say!

This is what is expected of the bold and beautiful Sonakshi Sinha! What do you feel about this Dabangg babe?

Though she has deleted the tweet since then, Sonakshi wrote a fresh tweet in which she also mentioned the reason why she had deleted them. 

This actress has put in six years in the film business, and now and again, Sonakshi Sinha has worked day and night to complete her shooting schedules. Be that as it may, the youthful on-screen character, who calls herself "a workaholic", has now chosen to take things simple. “Last year was supposed to be a laid back one for me. I had resolved to take it easy in terms of work, and take more time out for myself. But, it probably was one of my busiest years,” says Sonakshi.

Aside from her demeanor, Sonakshi likewise credits her childhood for the sort of individual she is. The performer says that regardless of being a star child — she is veteran on-screen actor Shatrughan Sinha's little girl — she was never given any exceptional treatment. 

Initially she did assistant direction before making her debut as an actress.

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