Teen Wolf: All Of It's Latest Happenings

What's happening in the Teen Wolf world?

We look ahead from where we cleared out off a week ago, with Parrish, all worked up, advancing to Theo and company. Theo tries to get his pack to slow down the Hellhound, yet it turns out, nothing harms Parrish… at any rate not until Theo tosses a shaft through his guts and snaps him over into his more human structure.


Somewhere else, Liam and Hayden are engaging in sexual relations? Simply joking, it's a flashback. Obviously, Liam and Hayden as of late engaged in sexual relations, after which he attempted to persuade her to switch packs. His contention? Theo's going to utilize those claws to attempt to take The Beast's energy, and therefore, he's going to lose his head. What's more, all things considered, what is a pioneer without his head? 

In present day, it's clear that Hayden is considering what Liam said as she gazes at the claws and mulls over leaving Deucalion — or Deuc as I call him (claimed "Duke") — to help Mason and organization at Eichen. As Deuc puts it, she ought to "stress less over being a risk and more about your capacity to lie." Good one, Deuc.

Coming back to the lucid world, Scott finds that his beta has been doing the unbelievable: vanquishing the world's biggest human — did this gentleman additionally play a Berserker? — in a clench hand battle. Is it accurate to say that he was human? Didn't he snarl? I'm befuddled. 

Likewise battling is Kira, who can't control the power and/or fox soul inside of her. Thankfully, Josh appears in the nick of time to offer, so some assistance with longing as Malia consents to help Corey, who isn't recuperating from his smolders. So while Josh takes a portion of the power from Kira, Malia takes a percentage of the torment from Corey, who's then ready to mend himself. That is the uplifting news. The terrible news is that Eichen is still on lockdown and poor Mason can't make sense of how to stop the force and spare every one of his companions. More on that afterwards.

Back at Eichen, Scott and Liam head off to discover Meredith for help with following Lydia down, yet they can't move beyond the Mountain Ash boundary. Spoiler: Meredith is as of now appreciating a staycation in her mental state. In any case, she's ready to wake up enough to show Scott that it's alright for him to utilize his hooks to take advantage of her brain.

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