Top 5 Hollywood Celebrities With an Intelligent Brain

Here are some Hollywood celebrities with high IQ.

With this rundown, we will be taking a gander at a portion of the brainiest famous people on the planet today. You'll be astounded that some of these celebs made our rundown. Notwithstanding, others won't come as that huge of a stunner. A few of these celebs are additionally exceptionally accomplished.

1. Jordana Brewster: 


With regards to being super smart and learned, Jordana essentially couldn't come up short, considering the way that her fatherly granddad was president of Yale University at one point furthermore served as the U.S. envoy to the United Kingdom.

Jordana changed towns a great deal amid her initial life lastly settled in Manhattan, where she moved on from the Professional Children's School. She later graduated with a B.A. in English, from Yale University no less. Who said that excellent actress can't be savvy too?

2. Mira Sorvino: 

Later in her life, her knowledge and diligent work earned her a spot at Harvard and she even put in a year in Beijing, China as an exchange student. While there, she learned Mandarin smoothly. She graduated magna cum laude from Harvard, winning a degree in East Asian Studies. How's that for a set of brains?

3. Steve Martin: 


Steve is depicted as exceptionally intelligent, just about a virtuoso, by any individual who has known him for quite a while and he truly is a member from MENSA, because of his IQ of 142. Before getting into films, Steve needed to end up a reasoning educator and he even contemplated theory at the Long Beach State College.

4. Nicole Kidman: 

Nicole Kidman is point of fact a standout amongst the best Australian actresses and she viably vanquished Hollywood with her blend of appeal, advancement and plain awesome acting. She was born in Hawaii where her dad worked as a scientist and a researcher.

Back in Australia, she went to Lane Cove Public School and in addition North Sydney Girls' High School where she did expressive dance and indicated awesome guarantee for acting. She later learned at the Victorian College of the Arts and the Australian Theater for Young People.

5. Sharon Stone: 


For quite a while, Sharon claimed that her IQ was 148. She additionally kept up that she was a member from Mensa. Nonetheless, in 2002, probably under pressure from real members from Mensa, she needed to concede that she was not and that she had never been a member from the society. 

That being said, any individual who knows Sharon by and by will let you know that she is unquestionably sharp and clever and she most likely is.

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