AIIMS Website Hacked, Pak Hacker Says Indian Govt Websites Targeted !

CRB Tech reviews looks at the incident in which one of the Indian websites was hacked by Pak hackers. 

The landing page of was hacked and showed "Site stamped by Kashmiri Cheeta, Team: Pak Cyber Attackers. We are incredible. Upset the Best, Die like the Rest." 

Posting the mirror link on his Facebook wall, the programmer whose handle name is Amir Muzaffar for all intents and purposes known as 'Kashmiri Cheetah', affirmed that he had hacked the site. 

In an exclusive talk with TOI, the Pak hacker warned that "all government sites are on our target and we search sites with '.nic or' keywords, and once we find a security lapse, you know what happens. Administrators of government websites are sloppy and rely blindly on white hat hackers whose job is to simply alert them about where the bugs are. They should not forget that there are black hat hackers too who also know where the bugs are and how to spread them to shut the sites down." 

Pakistani hackers on Saturday got access to the official site of AIIMS Raipur. While AIIMS organization didn't know about this, till late at night, the site was fixed till Sunday morning. 

TOI in its reports had cautioned and cited Pak programmer Faisal Afzal that Pak hackers had launched a digital war against Indian websites. Amir has labeled Afzal in the majority of his posts on FB. 

Prior, calling it a digital war against India and ridiculing at Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recently propelled Digital India week, Pak programmers in 2015 had hacked 24 government sites at one go and double the destinations of NIT and PTRSU. 

Numerous sites of Kerala government and Gujarat were likewise hacked by same groups. 

Hactivist (white hat hacker) Mohit Sahu said that "AIIMS has a clone site to which they have redirected but yes, it's still vulnerable. For PCA boys it's like a game. Amir's Facebook wall shows that he has hacked many Indian sites even emails of government officials whose password he had revealed on the page. They keep challenging each other to hack more." 

Individual from notorious Pak Cyber Attackers group, Amir says he hails from "Kashmir, Pakistan" and does hacking for cautioning government about that they are so helpless against us, in the event that it's "pk" or India (Pakistani site or Indian) doesn't make a difference to them. 

This seems to be a serious issue and poses a threat to the states' security. The cyber security cell of the country needs to remain vigilant at all times. 

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