Arjun Kapoor Slaps RJ Arpit In A Shocking Interview!!

Arjun Kapoor was in the Radio Mirchi office to promote his film 'Ki and Ka' additionally starring Kareena Kapoor inverse him when he purportedly got irate. The video is posted by the official handle of Radio Station 98.3 Radio Mirchi where the "Gunday" star is seen putting a tight slap on Radio Jockey Arpit when he made an inquiry. 

RJ Arpit asked him "Are there no different characters left in the market(films) that you depicted a young lady?". 

There was a delay for a few moments while RJ and Arjun traded looks.. the previous sitting tight for the last's reaction. Arjun looked bothered and afterward to everybody's surprise, Arjun raises his hand and slaps Arpit with full compel. 

Arjun says indignantly.. "what sort of inquiry is that.." and turing towards the camera person.. shouts "close the camera". 

The furious Arjun then proceeds towards the exit pushing Arpit and grabs the camera from someone else hindering and breaks it on the floor. 

The Youtube handle of Radio Mirchi's portrayal of this video read.. "WTF! Arjun Kapoor loses temper and absurdly slaps Mirchi RJ Arpit! Does RJ Arpit's inquiry truly require this response?". 

Arjun was censured for this demonstration and everybody on social media lashed out at the actor posting heaps of negative comments and views on this video. 

We likewise were asking why the RJ brings his hand close to his face just before Arjun was going to slap him. 

Here is something else we saw in the past video posted by Radio Mirchi that has been uprooted now. We spot Arjun grinning amid the ruckus he was seen making directly after he slapped Arpit. 

What's more, well.. We were correct! 

It was a trick played by the Mirchi group and Arjun played it great. The drama was created to promote his upcoming film 'Ki And Ka' starring additionally Kareena Kapoor Khan which is to release on April 1 this week. So there! This was the April Fool's Day joke played on the audiences and fans. 

Mirchi has released yet another video revealing the right reason behind that slap. Both Arjun and Arpit are announcing how they played a trick and it was a fake slap. 

Well now that the truth is out, we hope that the people who posted negative comments towards the actor may rectify their mistake and take the video for what it is, a prank!

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