Flashback Towards Controversial Lip-Locks Of 1960-2014!

Bollywood celebs lives are no more a shrouded mystery in industry. The propelled versatile innovation has been one of the best modes to uncover their concealed erotic privileged insights and we know none of them must have longed for it to be uncovered in broad daylight.

Bollywood might be cool about on-screen kisses now yet once in a while, a kiss makes an immense controversy. We take a gander at some unordinary occurrences.

Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan – Sweet PDA

A couple of years back at an awards function, Amitabh Bachchan was given a Lifetime Achievement Award. Amitabh went in front of an audience to gather his grant and once he returned to his seat, he was greeted by wife Jaya with a kiss! This surely came as a pleasant surprise to people subsequent to the Bachchans have never truly been illustrative out in the open. Oddly, Rekha was additionally present at the function and Jaya greeted her warmly. Be that as it may, her additional PDA to her spouse out in the open left numerous people surprised. Whatever be the reason, their kiss and obvious was unquestionably the highlight of the awards' function!

Shabana Azmi and Nelson Mandela's Meet and Greet!
Shabana Azmi went to Cape Town in 1993 for an occasion where late President Nelson Mandela was respected with the title of 'Newsmaker of the Year'. During this meet greet, Shabana kissed Mandela on the cheek. It was signal of warmth yet many individuals took offense to it. Some Muslim pioneers, particularly from religious groups censured her intensely to be over-energetic and purportedly conveying disgrace to the community with her demonstration.

The Real Life Khiladi: Arunoday Singh!
Arunoday Singh's brazen demonstration during the promotion of his film Yeh Saali Zindagi, with Aditi Rao Hydari did not run well with people. In the film Arunoday had done several kissing scenes yet when he had a go at doing likewise at a promotional round at the Symbiosis Institute of Media and Communications in Pune, he confronted fire. Apparently, the host of the show joked about the lip locks in the film. Arunoday answered that he could kiss any young lady strolling on the stage and he proceeded to do only that! He kissed one of the students there! His activity was scrutinized by the students and the group was blamed for utilizing cheap tactics to promote the film.

Biswajeet-Rekha: On Screen Romance
Rekha should have appeared in a film called Anjana Safar where she imparted an intimate lip lock to co-performing artist Biswajeet. It created an enormous buzz however the film was stuck for around a decade on account of the controversy. It was then discharged as Do Shikhari short the involved scene. It's said that when Biswajeet kissed Rekha for the shot, she blacked out on the sets! Apparently the director forgot to call "cut" and the kiss continued for a long while.

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