Jet Airways Flight Tyre Burst Results in Closure of Runway at Mumbai

Regarding the tyre burst incident of a Jet Airways flight.

In a major episode, a Jet Airways airplane endured a tire burst on arriving at Mumbai air terminal on Thursday evening. The occurrence constrained the primary runway to be closed down even as operations moved to the auxiliary runway.


The occurrence occurred around 9.50 pm, when flight 9W 354 from Delhi with 127 travelers did a hard landing on the main runway. The principle landing gear of Delhi-Mumbai flight 9W 354 gave way while the flight was navigating in the wake of landing.

The plane was set out towards a parking spot when a hydraulic malfunction happened, a Jet Airways representative said. The pressure driven framework controls an air ship's motion.

"As per preliminary assessment of the aircraft by the Jet Airways engineering team, the right hand main landing gear has been damaged. Efforts are currently underway for recovery of the aircraft from its location on taxiway N9. We wish to clarify that there was no fire in any part of the aircraft," Jet Airways said in its official statement.

"The aircraft came in fast and landed with a loud thud. We could see very huge sparks coming off from under the fuselage," said a passenger on-board the flight. "Soon after we heard a loud noise, like that of a tyre bursting and the aircraft tilted precariously to the right. We could see the right engine cowling was scraping the ground and there were a lot of sparks," he said. "We were in a state of shock till the time the aircraft came to a stop," he said, adding that there was no commotion though.

A Jet Airways representative said after the said flight landed, the pilot reported a specialized issue with the fundamental arrival gear. 

The main reason for tyre blasts under typical operations (aside from FOD obviously...) is under-inflation of the tyre. Under-inflation causes over the top flex in the tyre when the aeroplane is moving (i.e. a particular point on the airplane tyre is continually "loaded and flexed" and "unloaded and unflexed" while the airship is rolling). This is like metal exhaustion and causes a debilitating of the tyre. To promote bother the issue, the consistent flexing of the tyre creates a lot of heat, which can't be disregarded and adds to the corruption of the tyre.

There may be other causes as well which result into such a mishap.

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