Kareena Kapoor and Varun Dhawan Kiss In Public?

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Kareena shook a leg on 'High Heels' from the film 'Ki and Ka' and this time her "Ka" was Varun Dhawan who hit the dance floor with the diva in Arjun's nonattendance. The highlight of the performance, be that as it may, was when Kareena kissed Varun in front of an audience. Presently before you bounce the weapon here, let us make it clear that the kiss was an adorable, little peck that Bebo planted on Varun's cheek post their charging performance.


Filmmaker R Balki uncovers that he chose to give somebody manly a role as the lead performing actor while scripting Ki and Ka. "I wanted a hefty, beefy hunk who doesn't have an ounce of femininity in him. And the first name that came to mind was Arjun Kapoor," says the director, whose up and coming romcom, that additionally stars Kareena Kapoor Khan, breaks the generalization and recounts an account of a working lady and a house spouse.

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Recalling his first meeting with the actor, Balki says, "When Arjun came to meet me, I asked him, 'Do you sweep, do you cook and do house chores?' He replied that he doesn't do anything and so I thought he's the perfect guy to play this role."

This is the first run through both Kareena and Arjun (who play Kia and Kabir) show up on a motion picture publication, in a kissing act. Arjun has likewise included another quill in his gourmet expert's cap. Yes, without precedent for his life, he's lit the kitchen fires. Discussing his recently gained culinary aptitude, he lets us know, "I needed to realize some essential cooking, not all that much. I can make pasta and fried eggs. I can likewise make some extravagant frittata. Furthermore, trust it or not, before I did this film, I didn't know how to make chai, I learnt that as well. I additionally know how to slash a few vegetables. All things considered, for a decent lump of the film I am in the kitchen, so I would not like to be suspicious being in that space.

He further adds"This is unlike any space that I have been in. I can genuinely say that this movie is hatke. I know it's a cliche, and in Bollywood it's often said... 'kuch alag kiya hai' but it turns out to be the same. This time, the only way I can describe 'Ki & Ka' is that it is unique. I am sure you haven't ever seen a character of a stay-at-home husband by choice. He is not a loser or a laid-back guy, he just wants to be the homemaker. This film makes marriage feel and look cool."

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