OMG!! 22-year's Flipkart employee Salary Rs 1.3 crore?

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Anand Prakash, a product security engineer at Flipkart, wrote in a blog entry on February 22 that he had found a basic vulnerability on Facebook that could have been utilized to hack into any client's account to access credit or check card points of interest, individual pictures, and messages with no client interaction. The 22-year-old earned around Rs 1.3 crore just by reporting bugs for Facebook, Twitter and a large group of different US-based organizations. For his off late commitment, he was honored nearly Rs 10 lakh.


Here are a few excerpts from his interview:

90 bugs for Facebook and 30 for Twitter: those are no little numbers. Would you like to chase for FB or Twitter all the time? Revealed some insight into these bugs and the potential danger they conveyed. Are there any more hazy areas of concern?

Yes, I chase for bugs on Facebook and Twitter all the time. One of my best finds was to realize that I was equipped for hacking into records of 1.6 billion FB clients (the late one). Be that as it may, as a whitehat hacker, one ought to never do this. I have faith in making the Internet a more secure spot for all.

Considering that you are a product security engineer at Flipkart, what is it about digital security that gives you the kick? What made you take it up as your business?

It began with a wager. One of my companions tested me to hack (obviously morally!) his/her own particular Orkut account and I did this utilizing phishing. I had no specialized information around then. I won the wager at the time and interestingly, it likewise turned into the calling that I needed to seek after.

Today, with the digital boom, one of the greatest attentiveness toward every one of the general population on-line is close to home security. How traded off would we say we are? Are our activities really being checked round the clock?

The large part of Indian new businesses don't care about security that much. A case is the Zomato hack where one could see the personal information of 63 million users. The organization ought to never bargain with client information and ought to have satisfactory efforts to establish safety to maintain a strategic distance from such breaks. 

Indian Startups are powerless. I recommend clients ask the CTOs/CEOs in the event that they truly have their very own security group. All new businesses must have a security page on the site. I don't surmise that activities are supervised.

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