Poonam Pandey's personal gift for Virat Kohli

After her 'strip-gift' to the Men in Red after their 1-run win over Bangladesh, the Internet feeling took points to a higher stage after the serves created it to the semi-final of the competition.

The 25-year-old took to public micro-blogging website Tweets, publishing images of herself in a warm honor to celebrity of the win Virat Kohli and the Indian cricket team.

The coordinate between Australia and India has put the Mohali reasons on flame, with India’s amazing win against Australia! As the group seems to warm up there with Virat’s amazing four legs and sixes, Tweets is warmed up by this amazing twitter update of Poonam Pandey. She has something for Virat to admire him!

Earlier too we had seen the twitter update wherein Poonam in a alluring character, wherein she had something HOT to provide to Native Indian group after their fantastic win against Bangladesh! Didn't remember it? Let us renew it!

While her first picture was devoted to Team India, the second was arranged only for man-of-the-match Kohli.
Well, she seems to be one die difficult cricket fan. Let us see what she has on show in arriving suits. Might be she would have something which is too hot to handle!

Now, after this Ind-Aus coordinate, Poonam has something even warmer than this! Yea, she has just now published a clean twitter update wherein she has present for Virat Kohli! Don’t believe it? Well, see it for yourself! See is so satisfied with Virat that she just couldn’t management writing this.
Pakistani TV celebrity who guaranteed to remove had Pakistan defeated by Indian in ICC Globe Twenty20 game in Kolkata in last week - as Poonam Pandey is back inside. Balooch had guaranteed to "strip dance" had her home team beaten arch-rivals Indian in Kolkata.

However, after Pakistan's failure to beat MS Dhoni-led team India, Balooch dedicated a dancing performance to Native Indian fans.

Pandey, who hit the news after appealing to go naked following India’s world Cup victory this year, recommended Team Indian after their win against Bangladesh in Bengaluru on Wed.

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