Shocking hijack for Egypt Airlines

After a morning hours of stress, the hijacker was seen strolling down the actions of the airplane with his hands brought up.

Some reviews saying the Egypt man - known as by Cypriot authorities as Seif Eldin Mustafa - wished to discuss to his alienated Cypriot spouse, while others said he was choosing the making of women criminals in The red sea.

His give up came soon after several everyone was seen running the airplane. One - obviously a team participant - runaway by going up the out of the aircraft's cabin screen.

Throughout the morning hours, individuals had been seen making the airplane after showing to have been launched.

In a twitter update, the Cypriot international ministry verified the end of the crisis: "It's over. The hijacker caught."

Local press research indicates the hijacker passed over a four-page correspondence in Persia after the aircraft came at Larnaca on Wednesday morning hours, and that a lady thought to be his spouse had came at manchester international.

Earlier, Cypriot Chief executive Nicos Anastasiades had addressed a reporter's question about whether the hijacker was inspired by romantic endeavors, by having a laugh and saying: "Always there is a lady engaged."

EgyptAir said the Airbus A320 was holding 56 travelers from Alexandria to Cairo, along with six team and a security formal. It had originally said 81 travelers were aboard.

A declaration from Egypt's municipal aircraft ministry said 26 international travelers were aboard, such as eight People in america, four British people, four Nederlander people, two Belgians, two Greeks, a France nationwide, an French and a Syrian.

The bombing of the European Metrojet airliner in Oct, and following concerns the effectiveness of Egypt’s aircraft protection, almost finished the travel and leisure market in its Red Sea hotels. So Egypt regulators will potentially be mightily treated that this hijacking does not have hyperlinks to Isis-related fear.

Should the hijacker turn out to be equipped, or to havesmuggled onboard the “suicide belt” that he was declaring to put on, there will be more challenging concerns for airport terminal regulators to respond. Nevertheless, at the time of composing, it looks unlikely that the hijacker had any weaponry.

It is so far uncertain whether the hijacker made it to the A320’s journey outdoor patio (cockpit) or simply just confronted team and travelers in the cottage with his supposed explosives. At a brief information meeting, regulators pressured they had responded as if the hijacker “represented the biggest possible danger”.

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