The Big Question: Will Donald Trump Win the U.S. Elections ?

CRB Tech reviews analyzes whether Donald Trump will emerge as a winner.

At the point when Ronald Reagan was running and winning in 1980, numerous in the foundation — there was a foundation in those days — were going ballistic in a style like how individuals are blowing a gasket about Donald Trump. 

There was an unmistakable trepidation that Reagan was going to begin an atomic war with the Soviet Union. In any case, in the eight years of his administration, as Baker pointed out yesterday, America didn't get included in any hot war, aside from a solitary police activity in Grenada.

Donald Trump

Will Trump be a president like Reagan? Will he even beat Hillary Clinton? 

We don't know yet, yet we can look to what happened in the Reagan battle and organization for some knowledge into how we could contain Trump. Giving Trump a chance to be Trump in the White House is impossible.

To start with, make Trump pick a decent presidential candidate. George H.W. Hedge ran hard against Reagan, calling his financial arrangement “voodoo economics,” which was a genuine slur in those days. Bush gave soundness and representing knowledge to the Reagan group. Joe Biden did likewise for Barack Obama.

Second, ensure that he picks a decent head of staff. Dough puncher, Bush's campaign manager, was that boss in Reagan's first term, and like the VP, he facilitated the reasons for alarm of the individuals who thought Reagan would be an undisciplined and unsafe rancher.

Third, ensure the congressional leadership has the experience and the gravitas to help the president to be effective. Amid Reagan's first term, Howard Baker in the Senate and Bob Michel in the House were capable and proficient administrative pioneers who guided the president's motivation through the Congress. Baker would later go to the White House as head of staff. Sway Dole, who might lead the push to spare Social Security, a key Reagan achievement, would supplant him the Senate Republican pioneer.

Reagan once said, “It’s amazing what you can get done if you don’t care who gets the credit.” Trump turns that aphorism on its head. He takes credit for everything, even if nothing gets done. Trump University? Trump Steaks? The Trump Casino in Atlantic City? I think I might need a shot of that Trump Vodka to help settle my nerves. Does anybody know where I can find some?

So, only time will tell as to whether Trump would be the clear cut winner.

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