Alden Richards Lucky To Escape A Car Accident !

CRB Tech reviews brings to you the latest news regarding the car accident of Alden Richards.


The AlDub country got stressed after the news that Alden Richards was gotten in a car accident in the morning.

The news spread like a rapidly spreading fire that the Kapuso Bae, Alden Richards was driving around the Alabang region when his auto knock another auto before him.

There were even photographs of the 24-year-old on-screen character that was transferred online though he was perched on the walkway. He looked in shock by the mishap.

In view of the announcement of the Vice President for Corporate Communications of GMA, Angela Javier Cruz said, Kapuso star Alden Richards figured in a minor vehicular mishap toward the beginning of today. We might want to guarantee his fans and his supporters that Alden is protected and doing admirably. Alden would want to thank everybody for appealing to God for his security.'

Pambansang Bae Alden Richards instantly took to Twitter to guarantee his fans that he is doing admirably in the wake of getting into a car crash early Friday (March 4). Twitter was abuzz after the news broke out with worried fans asking about Alden’s condition. Here is one of the tweets:

Pearl Topaz‏@IamPearlTopaz What happened to Alden Richards??? Just read some tweets that he got into a car accident??? Is this news confirmed???

The Kapuso actor assured his supporters that he was safe. In addition, Daddy Bae Richard Faulkerson, Sr. also released a short statement on Twitter to inform fans that his son is safe.

Last Friday, the widely adored dimpled #bae Alden Richards and his collaborator got into a minor auto collision. At the point when news of this surfaced, his fanbase most likely went crazy and overwhelmed him on online networking which provoked him and his father to tweet that he was fine and unhurt. After all that, you'd think his fans would inhale a moan of help now that Alden is sheltered. In any case, no, some of them don't appear to trust Alden's driving abilities and now, they truly need him to be cautious by letting him know he needs to avoid the wheel.

We don't point the finger at them for paying special mind to dear Alden, and we additionally won't be shocked if any of his fans attempt to apply as his own driver. For the present, to keep him from getting into further mischances, possibly he ought to quit staring off into space about the main kiss he imparted to Yayadub throughout the weekend.

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