Hilarious Video of Americans Trying to Wear Sarees!

Hilarious Video of Americans Trying to Wear Sarees!

We're not going to lie to you. The saree can confirm to be a difficult thing to tie even for the deftest Indian woman at times. So, what would probably fail if people in America tried to put it on without any help, apart from a picture of a lady dressed in one to assist them?
Apparently, everything.

A video blogger recently requested a lot of females (some men were engaged too) to try draping a saree on a beach in an island of Aruba. Add to the set up a very windy beach and things went up very easily. The video had us in splits especially when the two men try to drape a saree on a woman and their discussion about the whole thing was nothing short of funny.

The video starts with the blogger asking random American women if they have any idea of how a saree can be draped when they answered in negative, she showed them a picture of a woman wearing a saree. She then asked them if they could drape one for her and take this challenge without any help from her. She only asks them to study the picture and then try to wear it correctly. Where one woman was not sure if she could do it, another woman was over-confident with her decision of wearing it easily.

Its really funny to see two men studying how to actually drape a saree giving out funny hand movements and discussing between themselves. She leaves them with the saree and it turns out to be real fun when they look at the length of the most popular garment of India. Adding to their difficulties was the wind on the beach. The men try to drape the saree on their friend while studying the picture intensively. The end result is something worth watching where the girls give out funny poses as well along with wearing the saree imperfectly.

Later in the video the blogger jokes about draping the saree around them herself but unfortunately she will not have a petticoat for her help. After around 10 long minutes she finally drapes the saree one by one on all the women and asks them to pose for the camera.

Take a look at the video and we are sure you will fall off your chair laughing and clutching your tummy from all the laugh. Watch the video and enjoy!

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