Top 5 Anti Aging Tips For Women & Men

Deny it or not, aging is one thing that nobody likes. Especially women hate to see signs of aging like wrinkles etc. on their face. So, all men and women are advised to read this blog from CRB Tech and forget about aging. There are exclusive tips for women as well.

Avoid Use Of Straw:

There is a chance of getting fine wrinkle lines around your mouth, if you regularly make use of a straw to sip liquids. The surrounding muscles get aggrevated.“Sipping through a straw accentuates those facial muscles where fine lines can occur,” says Angela Lamb, MD, an assistant professor of dermatology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Makes you feel older. A simple trick that would help in anti aging.

Anti Aging Tips For Women & Men

Smoking Is Strictly No No:

Excessive smoking, or smoking for that matter has a negative impact on your looks. Instead go for healthy foods and fruits that are meant for anti aging. Smoking has adverse effects on the body like yellowing of teeth, early aging symptoms, wrinkles and the list continues. Amongst the important tips for women.

Make Use of A Silk Pillow for Sleeping:

The benefit of making use of silk pillows while sleeping is that they are soft and gentle on your skin. Pillows made from other materials can be harsh on the skin and give you a creased look in the morning. It would also help to improve your hair texture as well. A good remedy for anti aging. Basically, this reduces skin friction and delays signs of aging in the long run. Logically thinking, this seems to be an effective practice.

Sleep on Your Back:

Sleeping on your back is better than resting on a particular side. Sleeping on the side results in pressing of your face against the bed. Over a long period of time, it shows its effect on the skin and shows signs of aging. So better to change this habit. Resting on the back also has other benefits like proper support, relief from back ache etc.

Do Not Skip Exercise:

The hardest thing to bring in practice. But the most important. Regular exercise makes you look and feel better. It fills your body with energy. A study says that regular workout makes you look younger by 4 years than your actual age.

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