Why People Gain Fat And Best Way To Loose Weight

It is yet a unsolved mystery as to why so many people put on weight. Some blame it on the genes, while a few other say that metabolism plays a vital role in it. CRB tech would try to solve this mystery by trying to understand the reasons behind weight gain and also discuss weight loss tips.

Best Way To Loose Weight

Most of the times, the reason behind people getting fat is improper distribution of fats in their body. Insulin plays an important role in the same. Insulin is an hormone secreted to consume the carbohydrates we intake through our diet. Carbs play an important role in fattening you.

Another major reason is improper diet. A healthy diet is very essential on a daily basis. Our hectic lifestyle has led to our inclination towards fast food and easy to eat consumables. Such foodstuffs have harmful ingredients like preservatives in the form of excess salts. Salts result in water retention in the body that leads to weight gain and also causes blood pressure. Therefore, a healthy diet is an integral part of any weight loss programs.

Low fat diets is one more cause for becoming fat. To reduce the fat content, they are enriched with carbohydrates. As discussed above, they lead to weight gain if consumed in excess.

Carborated drinks are also to blame for the amount of fats in our body. These days we consume a lot of them. Especially, during the summer season to quench our thirst. These drinks contain excess sugars, carbon dioxide and other harmful substances like caffeine. All these together have disastrous effect on our body. So one of the best way to loose weight is to cut down on such aerated drinks.

The food intake pattern we follow through the entire day is also important to loose ones weight.

A heavy breakfast followed by a moderate lunch and a light supper is what is recommended. Modern study suggests eating after a gap of every two hours. This is an important weight loss tip for all those who wish to flush their fat cells.

Diet plans for women are specially designed these days. Women have a tendency to accumulate fats in different parts of their body. E.g. the butt portion thighs etc. Especially during the pregnancy days. Many women gain weight post the birth of their first child. That continues for lifetime if not taken proper care.

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