5 Artificial Foods That Are Better To Avoid

We might be totally unaware, but genetically modified foods have reached everywhere. Right up to our daily vegetable vendor. These are also termed as artificial foods. As per the National Geographic channels' survey around 60% of foodstuffs in the US supermarkets constitute GM ingredients in an indirect or a direct manner. Others say it is not 60 but 80%.

Such foods or ingredients lead to damaging the ecosystems, cause contamination in the organic produce and cause harm to the animal and human body. So, unless and until the laws becomes stringent against such worst food, it is better to avoid them. Instead, go for healthy foods. Here are a few commonly found foods and ingredients to check out for:

1. Papaya: 

Hawaiian papayas

Hawaiian papayas are popular all over the world. The have been ill famous since 1999 for being GM. European Union has banned them, while US and Canada continue to import them. Papaya peel and content is known to be used in many cosmetics for its skin revitalizing properties. Now the question is, if they are not good for eating, can you apply them on your face?
If you love this juicy fruit, then ensure before eating that it is organically produced.

2. Apples:

Apples these days are known to be genetically modified. Recently, the FDA body said yes to two kinds or varieties of apples that do not turn brown when cut. However, this was done in order to curb the issue of huge amounts of food wastage.

Another body called 'Center for Science in the Public Interest' wasn't fine with the approvals these two varieties of apples got from the FDA. It also called for a more stricter protocol for approving such foods which hit the market. The first batch would be available for sale in the United States in the next year.

3. Baby Instant Foods:

Baby foods are popular amongst mothers. They feed their children with such instant foods. This could be done for time saving purposes. This can prove to be very dangerous. Can you imagine it? A mother feeding her child with artificial foods or GM foods. It can risk their lives!

Both milk and soy based products are routinely listed as constituents in child food products. Actually, three of the top newborn child brands in the US use GM ingredients.
In a questionable study that was withdrawn because of business weights and afterward republished, it was observed that Roundup (utilized as a part of GM harvests) brought on genuine hormone interruption, something that could be especially risky to growing kids.
4. Bread:

Bread is one of the most staple foods in the western world. Why over there? Even here we eat it almost on a daily basis. Yet, gratefully GM wheat is not known as of now. Even then, your loaf of whole grain bread may not be as healthy as you would have expected.

Bread varieties produced on a commercial scale include ingredients like corn syrup, soy products. And there is a high probability that these come from GM crops. Other preservatives and additive substances used in bread, might also be coming from artificial processes. These include ascorbic acid or cysteine.

So, next time you buy your bread loaf, choose it wisely.

5. Aspartame:


The original patent expresses that the genetically cloned and altered microorganisms are cultivated in tanks and grown so they discharge the proteins important to make aspartame. This fecal matter is treated with exceedingly lethal methanol to deliver the artificial sweetener that goes in your diet drinks and sodas. Same could be the case with other diet food that help in energy boost and which contains synthetic sugars.
Does it make you sound delicious?

While it may not be conceivable to totally maintain a strategic distance from all GM nourishments, you can constrain your exposure by picking natural produce, which must be genetically modified organism (GMO) allowed to pick up a certification. Maintain a strategic distance from artificially processed foods and make your own dishes rather, and look at your neighborhood Farmers' Market and see what GMO free deliver they have available that can be purchased.

This is important as such GM foods affect ones health very badly. If not immediately, then in the long run. They can cause disastrous effects on your body.

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