5 Carry With You Snacks that Are Richest Source Of Proteins

CRB Tech reviews suggests you that whatever may be your aim, carrying a rich protein snack is always fruitful for you. Whether it is before hitting the gym or prior to going for a jog in the park. These prove to be beneficial as they provide long lasting blast of energy as compared to the short lived energy boost provided by the carbohydrate rich options. So, one thing is clear, protein rich food or snacks is the way to go.

Richest Source Of Proteins

At first go, only eggs would come in front of your eyes. But, there are many other options, a variety of them. They are delicious ones and prove to be high protein foods. Some of these even have in them, more than an egg. Let us look at them one by one. Bet you would be inspired!

1. For Getting 6.5 grams of Protein:

A bowl of mixed nuts is a best option for satisfying your taste buds and fulfilling your protein content simultaneously. It is very easy to carry and consume as well. You can carry it with you wherever you go. Be it gym, office or even to an outside location when you are on a trip. So prepare this dish with nuts and a few dry fruits added to it for sweetness. Better than sugar anytime. That too, choose Almonds and Pistachios; they are the best to have. They are way ahead protein foods than their peers.

1 tbsp each almonds, pistachio nuts, sunflower seeds, walnuts, raisins, and chocolate chips would make up for 6.5 grams of protein. WOW!

2. A Shake that Provides 15 grams of Protein:

If you are not comfortable with intaking protein powder, we can suggest you other options that can replace a protein shake. This shake is prepared by squashing a banana into chocolate milk and peanut butter added to it. This shake would not only give you optimum amount of proteins, but also supply you with healthy fats. Cardiovascular benefits are also for sure. Get funky with your diet buddy!

Recipe: A medium banana, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, a glass of low fat chocolate milk to which a cup of ice is added. This would give you 15 grams of protein. If you are bored with the usual protein powder shake, then go for this. A welcome change.

3. Pumpkin Seeds Can Give You 8 Grams:

Many love pumpkin. The usual way is to prepare a vegetable dish from it, and throw away the seeds inside. But guess what? One part of the pumpkin can prove to be a protein rich food. That is the seeds inside the pumpkin. They can become a healthy snack that is rich in fiber and zinc which is important to develop your immunity towards diseases.

4. Here is what you can do with those pumpkin seeds:

2/3 cup pumpkin seeds, rinsed and coated with 1 tsp curry powder and a pinch of salt, roasted at 300 degrees for 20 minutes for 8 grams of protein. Some even eat it directly after removing its shell. That too can be a useful trick.

5. Protein Bar Worth 10 Grams of Protein:

There is a yes no amongst the people, over the usual pre-packed bars. But, an exception can be made over the KIND Plus Bars brand. The only reason being, their nuts base. Nuts form the core ingredient of this energy giving protein food. If you carry one of these with you, you can just have it when you are hungry. Good option to curb your hunger. Definitely better than your chocolate bar. A nutritious way to silent your tummy. You would be getting 10 grams of proteins from a single bar. Next time, choose this bar over other energy bar. Mixed chikki can be said to be our desi version of this bar.

6. A Yogurt With 16 grams of Proteins in It:

Imagine that you are sitting on a Greek island, with this particular snack in your hand. It has more amount of protein than the usual yogurt. Along with this, it has lots of calcium and probiotics that helps to enrich the flora in your body. Good for digestion. Probiotics also helps to reduce inflammation.

Just one serving of this yogurt container with 2 tbsp granola provides 16 grams of protein. For sure, one of the high protein foods.

If you watch carefully, then all of these are vegetarian snacks that supply you with huge amounts of proteins. Therefore, the vegetarian community would be worry free, as far as their protein intake is concerned. They do not have to think of taking to meat or other non vegetarian options.

These snacks provide as much if not more protein content than protein foods in the non vegetarian category. CRB Tech reviews recommends that you try these snacks out and see the result for yourself.

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