Check Out the Harmful Effects Of Barbecue On Your Health

CRB Tech feels that most of us love Barbecue dishes. They may be non-vegetarian ones or vegetarian ones, based on the liking of individuals. E.g. barbecue chicken is a favorite amongst the non-veg lovers. We keep are weekend evenings aside especially for such barbecue sessions. It is like a family outing with all gathered besides the apparatus, may be with a glass of wine in their hands and cooking on the barbecue side by side.

Effects Of Barbecue On Your Health

But wait! Do not be super excited and plan your next session of barbecue. As we are going to tell you about the dangerous effects of barbecue on your health. Sad to hear? No choice, as this seems to be true. At least, that is what the modern day research reveals. Eating foodstuffs cooked using grills, which are cleaned using wire-bristle brushes, happens to be a dangerous proposition.

Want to know what exactly happens? Continue to read further and you would be shocked to know this.

The wired brushes which are used for cleaning the barbecue, can very easily fall during the cleaning process. And that too on the food being cooked. Imagine what would happen further?

It may simply result in fatal injuries of the mouth, throat and not to miss the tonsils. This is reality, and studies have shown that injuries happened to people in areas like mouth cavities, tonsils and the throat section as well. Some of the injuries were so severe that they needed to be operated upon.

Now let us look at the damage it can cause after entering the body:

If a brush bristle enters the food pipe and successfully passes through it, then there is a chance of it getting stuck in the stomach, intestine or esophagus. It can get trapped in the wall of the intestine as well. This is bad as it can cause severe damage. These were the views of Mr. David Chang, who happens to be the associate professor of otolaryngology at the University of Missouri in the United States.

 Barbecue On Your Health

"Wire-bristle brush injuries are a potential consumer safety issue, so it is important that people, manufacturers and health providers be aware of the problem," Chang added speaking further on the problem.

Then, what is the solution for this?

According to the researchers who are working on the same, were of the opinion that people need to inspect the food they eat with utmost care. Apart from this, one can go for alternative cleaning methods such as tin foiled balls or nylon bristle brushes. These could be safe for cleaning the grills.

These methods were suggested by the researchers in a paper that was published in the Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery journal.

Here is what Chang had to say and is worth reading. "Wire-bristle brush injuries are a potential consumer safety issue, so it is important that people, manufacturers and health providers be aware of the problem,"

A whopping 1,698 number of injuries were tracked in the United States of America between the years 2002 and 2014. These were suffered due to wire bristle brushes used for cleaning the grills and were reported in the casualty rooms of hospitals. From such statistics, you can understand the grievance of the situation.

Highly recommended precautions for barbecue users:

After you are done with the cooking, cautiously clean the grills, especially if you are using the wire based cleaning brushes.

Checking the brushes thoroughly before putting them to use and throwing them away if the brushes have become loose.

Along with brushes, the grilled food as well, needs to be checked with utmost care after you are done with the cooking. This is to make sure that bristles are not stuck on them.

With such precautions taken care of, the chances of injuries would reduce by a drastic level.

Play safe eat safe! That is all we can say.

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