Exclusive Kabali Movie Teaser: Breaks Previous View Records!

CRB Tech is proud to tell you that Kabali teaser is the latest news as far as Rajinikanth is concerned.

You know Rajinikanth has arrived when a south Indian film teaser gets one million likes inside a hour on Facebook, patterns on Twitter and bits of gossip about it raises to a rankling buildup. PA Ranjith's most recent motion picture's official online teaser is making a hyper rave among motion picture goers obviously, when the undisputed ruler of Tamil silver screen, Rajinikanth, returns on screen as 'Kabali'. Check out this Rajnikant new movie trailer exclusively over here.

Radhika Apte, the female lead of the movie, looks elegant in the teaser, in a customary south Indian dress. Despite the fact that no forcing villain has appeared in the video to go head to head with Kabali , actor Kishore is indicated yelling 'Yaarda intha Kabali, Vara sollra avane' (Whose is this Kabali? Ask him to come in face) in the midst of a group of Malaysian goons, unquestionably appears to be a littler reprobate who should present 'Kabali'.

By and by to say, Kabali's teaser has mounted the desires over the motion picture which is scheduled to release in the not so distant future and will see Tamil silver screen's most loved child Rajinikanth at 65 years old, again pulling off a mass performer with his mark style, inciting the shivers among his obstinate fans, once more; just like past Rajinikanth movies.

Considering PA Ranjith's last movie 'Madras', which was an engaging political story, "Kabali" movie, we should trust will be on more political lines and takes up major issues , instead of a typical exclusive one man show don film.

The teaser, in any case, uncovers the nature of technical flawlessness with which the film is made furthermore shares the ambient melodies for Kabali, an extreme sound of siren with dropping beats and electric guitar in background is certain to captivate Rajini fans. One shot from the teaser where Rajini is demonstrated broadcasting himself as 'Kabali da', with a magnificent egotism that disputes the entire world, is sufficient to give what's in store from this mass performer. Another fascinating angle about the teaser is the scene where Rajini appears in his old-retro style with a thick mustache and long hair, which is certain to be from the shots to demonstrate his past when he changes into a Don.

Now fans, lets wait for the Kabali movie trailer!

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