Health Mantras To Follow After 7 pm

You must have heard this saying that breakfast like a king. Have lunch like a common man and dinner like a pauper ! This way you would be able to maintain your health and fitness. But, CRB Tech feels that most of us do the exact opposite. Most of us have a grand dinner. Reason? As we are present at our homes during that time. We spend our day in the office. Therefore, majority of our meals happen at the workplace.

Health Mantras To Follow After 7 pm

Although, it is a logical fact that we cannot have grand meals at offices due to many limitations. We can workout a life style out of this that would be beneficial for us in the long run.

As per a new theory, it is advised that you do not eat after sunset. At the most you can have a glass of milk or some fruits. Heavy meal is not recommended. But this is not followed generally. Let's check out the mistakes we are making after 7 pm; as far as our overall health is concerned.

1. Adequate Intake of Water:

Many of us keep a count of the amount of water we drink throughout the day. Even if we are at work, we keep the count. But as the day progresses and evening arrives, we tend to loose the count as we go to our homes. Instead of water, people tend to go in for aerated drinks containing high sugar content at night. This happens usually during summers when it is too hot outside. These are poison for your bodies. Preservatives, caffeine, excess sugar etc. are the constituents that hamper. In fact they result in more thirst although you feel temporarily satisfied. Do not ignore water intake at night time. Consume adequate amounts. Do not commit this health mistake.

2. What Do You Choose for Dinner?

Just like the breakfast, dinner is also an important meal as far as your health is concerned. What do you have for your dinner is really important. As mentioned earlier, the last meal of the day needs to be the lightest. This is because rest or sleep time is approaching, and you wouldn't want your digestive system to be under stress and excess work. Just like your other body parts, the stomach also needs some rest. Else, it would have to digest the food at night as well. Bread with milk, soup etc. are some lighter dinner options that would come to your rescue at night time.

3. Watching Television:

Majority of the people are completely exhausted when they reach home. An integral part of our life style has become watching television. We do this to relax. In fact, we assume that it unwinds us. We actually spend our energy watching the idiot box. Do not forget to reserve just 30 minutes of your time to watch television. That much is sufficient. Spend the remaining time reading or doing something you like. May be painting etc. Doing such things unwind you really instead of just sitting before the TV. Good for your health as well.

4. Snacks:

Confess that you indulge in snacks, namkeen, biscuits etc. with a cup of tea when you reach home. Having a cup of tea in the evening cannot really be called a health mistake. But having those unhealthy and oily snacks is not good for your health and fitness at all. So you can do one thing. Next time you sit with your cup, take a bowl of nuts or wheat biscuits along with it. Remove those unhealthy snacks from your brunch table.

5. Clothes:

We tend to become lazy while changing our clothes after we go home from office. Instead we continue to do all other sorts of things without changing them. A serious hygiene mistake we commit. It is not a rocket science that as soon as you reach home, you need to wash your hands and feet and change the clothes. Wear a fresh pair of them. We are taught this in childhood days itself. But we simply do not follow. The clothes you wear are there on your body for almost 8 hours. Changing them is good from the hygiene point of view and also makes you feel comfortable.

Follow these tips and ensure your health and fitness.

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