Organic and Non-Organic Food, Which is Better?

There has been a sorts of war going on since many years now. The war is on organic food and non-organic food or inorganic food which is better? CRB Tech gives its take on this topic through this blog. Let's throw some light on the same as it can prove to be beneficial for us.

Organic and Non-Organic Food

What do you mean by Organic food?

The term “organic” takes into consideration, the process involved behind producing some of the foods. Organic foods like organic vegetables are grown and cultivated without using any kind of industry produced chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. Genetically manipulated organisms also included.

Only those foods can be categorized and called as best organic food, which do not contain artificial chemicals in them. These days, many organic foods are available. The list includes fruits, vegetables, meat etc.

From the look of it, one can conclude that organic food is better than its counterpart. But lets go into the further details of it.

Various researches carried out on the nutrient value of organic and non-organic foods came up with varied results. Many suggest that organic ones are higher in nutritional value.

Organic foodstuffs have excess vitamins and antioxidants:

* Vitamins and minerals like zinc, iron, vitamin C are abundant in these types of foods. Than normal foods, the antioxidant levels are said to be greater by almost 70%. 69% to be exact. Therefore, it is believed that such diet foods help to intake more antioxidants.

* Excess amounts of nitrates are said to cause some kinds of cancer. Organic foodstuffs are known to have lesser amounts of nitrates, which in turn reduces the risk of cancer.

Organic and Non-Organic Food,which better?

On the other hand, some studies conclude that there are no differences between these two kinds of foodstuffs.

Some find organic foods more nutritional, others find no proof to say that organic is better than non-organic.

An analysis of 55 studies found no distinctions in the nutrient content of organic versus general crops, except for lower nitrate levels in natural produce. Another review of 233 studies found an absence of solid confirmation to infer that natural food is more nutritious than customary sustenances.

By and large, recollect that these studies vary broadly in their outcomes.

What about the health benefits of organic food?

Some studies have confirmed that organic foods have health benefits. They protect from cell damage by protecting the walls. These types of products are also known to enhance growth, reproductive system and your immunity.

At the point when 16 individuals took after a organic diet or diet foods routine more than two 3-week time spans, those on the natural food eating routine had marginally larger amounts of specific cancer prevention agents in their pee. However, this study similarly had limitations that may have brought on the distinctions.

Tragically, there's essentially insufficient solid proof available to affirm that natural nourishments help human wellbeing more than routine sustenances.

All the more top notch studies are required.

What About Organic Junk Food?

Any food item labeled as organic food, cannot be simply considered to be natural food or health food. Foods like organic chips, soda, ice creams etc are hazardous as they contain salt, sugar and calories in excess amount. Therefore, if you are planning to go on a diet or a slimming program, then this is not the food for you, even if it is organic one.

Processed organic food can be low in supplements and high in saturated fat, sugar and calories. Organic junk sustenance is still junk food.

How to ensure the authenticity of organic food?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) runs a certification program in organic foods. This ensures that farmers or producers of such foods have to adhere to strict government standards to get approval. So, the basic criteria to identify such foods is to check the USDA seal. Other than this, look for these on the packets.

* 100% Organic: Made from organic ingredients totally.

* Organic: 95% of the constituents are organic type.

* Made with Organic: 70% constituents are organic in it.

* So, from next time, no one can fool you.

Thus, we can conclude that:

Organic foods may contain a bigger number of cancer prevention agents and supplements than general foods, in spite of the fact that the confirmation is blended.

Devouring organic food may likewise diminish your exposure to simulated chemicals, hormones and anti-microbial safe microorganisms.

Be that as it may, it frequently costs more and may become stale quickly.

Also, it's not clear if going natural has extra health advantages.

Whether to purchase organic, is a decision you ought to make in light of your own inclinations and qualities.

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