Pre Workout and Post Workout Food Habits

Alongside your daily dose of workout, yet another thing which is important is what do you eat before and after the workout. This is what CRB Tech feels. Healthy eating habits are important and should accompany your exercise regime. Only then you can experience a full body transformation.

Before beginning you should decide as to what is your end goal. What do you want to achieve at the end of the day? e.g. if the target is loosing weight, then you should choose type of your workout accordingly, and also follow a healthy diet to loose weight.

Pre Workout and Post Workout Food Habits

Now lets go through some diet options you have for pre workout food and post workout food.

1. Grilled Chicken Along With Mixed Vegetables:

After exercise, your body is in a recovery phase. Therefore, you need to have a nutrient filled dish post your workout. Therefore, this dish is perfect for you. Chicken consists of proteins and carbohydrates that are essential nutrients for your body. Accompany veggies cooked in olive oil to keep yourself in perfect shape.

2. Greek Yogurt and Trail Mix:

If you are planning to go for a run or a jog, you need to have some dahi at first. It is easy to digest and gives you your spurge of energy which is needed. You can also go for the option that consists of fruit and nuts. In this way the insulin level will be maintained during your running stint and dry fruits will provide the amount of sugar needed. Avoid foods which take longer to digest. They may lead to you feeling lazy and sweaty as well.

3. Smoothies:

This pre workout food is the perfect one on your journey to the gym. Smoothies is easy to carry and would provide you with a range of benefits during exercise. Here is the recipe for a perfect smoothie. Make use of a sliced fruit, Greek yogurt with some quantity of granola. Granola would provide thickness to the smoothie. Ensure that it is made from whey proteins. Remember that 10 to 20 grams of protein is more than sufficient.

4. Sweet Potato and Salmon Fish:

This can be called a part of best diet to loose weight. This is meant to consume after exercise. Salmon has bioactive peptides. Small protein size would help to reduce inflammation and also provide you support for joints. Sweet potato on the other hand fill you up with carbs and glucose which loose during a workout.

5. Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit:

Oatmeal helps you during the entire workout period. It slowly releases sugar into your blood stream. You can also add fruits in it. They provide the water needed that helps in keeping you hydrated. It is very important that you are not facing loss of water.

6. Apple and Almond Butter:

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. You must have heard this saying. It would also help you be at bay during the exercise regimen. A perfect dose of sugar. Apply a spoon of almond butter on the apple slices. Two benefits of doing this. Killing hunger and increase energy levels. Such healthy eating would help you.

7. Chocolate Milk:

This drink is recommended for you to have post workout. This drink constitutes everything you need in just one glass of it. Calcium from the milk. Water to quench your thirst. Sugar from chocolate to to fill you up with energy. Avoid adding excess of sugar.

8. Sandwich:

Grab a sandwich full of Tuna fish, Hummus and Spinach. Tuna will provide you with high amounts of protein and carbs with less calories. Hummus is rich in fiber. Spinach is rich in iron and helps to kill hunger.

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