Shocking! Watch What Comes Out Of This Pythons Mouth

CRB Tech came across this exclusive video on the web.

This is an astonishing video, taken in the southern part of India. The video shows a python lying on the road after having a meal. His stomach can be seen swelled due to the large prey that he has swallowed.

A man can be seen holding the python by the rear end and trying to remove what's there in his stomach. The python at the same time tries to coil around the man's hand. The python has not completely swallowed the prey. The legs of the prey can be seen out of the mouth.

The man pushes along the body of the reptile by applying force behind the prey. A number of people are present at the site and are watching along. Slowly, the swallowed prey starts to come out of the mouth of the giant python. After a few minutes, something comes out. Guess what it is?

A small sheep! Yes you heard it right and saw it right. One small sheep comes out of the pythons body.

The sheep comes out intact as it is not yet digested. The snake must have swallowed it a few minutes ago. Wait it is not over yet. After the first one, a second sheep pops out as well. The second one is a smaller one. The first sheep seems to be an adult. The second sheep is probably the child of the first one. That means the python had a mother sheep and a child sheep for lunch. That is simply astonishing. Unfortunately, both the sheep were dead after coming out. So sad!

Like all snakes, Indian pythons are strict carnivores and eat mammals as well, birds and reptiles aimlessly, yet appear to favor vertebrates. Energized to action on locating prey, the snake will progress with shuddering tail and thrust with open mouth. Live prey is constricted and killed. Maybe a couple curls are utilized to hold it in a tight grasp. The prey, not able to inhale, succumbs and is in this way gulped head first. After a substantial dinner, they are reluctant to move. On the off chance that compelled to, hard parts of the dinner may tear through the body. Thusly, if aggravated, a few examples will vomit their supper keeping in mind the end goal to escape from potential predators. After a substantial supper, an individual may quick for a considerable length of time, the longest recorded span being 2 years. The python can swallow prey greater than its distance across in light of the fact that the jaw bones are not associated. Additionally, prey can't escape from its mouth due to the course of action of the teeth (which are opposite saw-like).

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