Top 5 Simple Healthy Habits For Office Goers !

Majority of us go to work. It has become a necessity to work for making both ends meet. We also spend most of our time at workplace. For that matter, more time than we spend in our homes. Therefore, it becomes necessary to stay fit and follow some health regimes at office. They will save your exercise time and help in maintaining fitness. CRB Tech would like to discuss them below:

 Simple Healthy Habits For Office Goers !

1. Tips To Avoid Dehydration:

The fact is that many of us drink water after we finish our meals. That's not recommended, sips in between meals are a must. Since our body consists of more than 70 percent of water, constant supply of it is necessary. Else it would cause dehydration. Intake few sips after every half an hour to 45 minutes sitting at your desk. This would not only help fight water shortage, but also discourage you from having those unhealthy snacks. Indirectly, you would be dieting. Even if your job is of sitting types e.g. IT field etc. you can still face dehydration problems if proper care is not taken. Even it is said that sitting in air conditioned environment continuously can deplete water levels in the body. Therefore, sipping liquids like water, fruit juices etc. is highly recommended. Practice keeping a water bottle and a small cup at your desk all times.

2. Maintain Proper Posture:

Very important for those who sit before the PC all day long. Improper posture can lead to back pain, vertebrae problems going forward. Sitting awkwardly leads to slouching that gives stress on your joints and they start paining. Such awkward positions while sitting happen due to a lower chair and a higher desk position or even vice versa. Your back position, elbow position, eye level, head position etc. do matter.

Make sure that your knees are at an angle of 90 degrees to the floor. Back should remain perpendicular that means straight with respect to the ground. Elbows should rest on side arms of the chair and your vision at desktop level. Not above or below. Adjust your computer screen accordingly. There should not be the need to bend to view your screen. This is the ideal practice to follow. Try and do this as far as possible. In the beginning, it would seem to be tedious, but once it becomes a habit, you would see that it comes naturally to you.

3. Avoid Food that Makes Uncomfortable:

This point would cover all the good eating habits one should follow at your office. There is always the lure of junk food at places like office canteen or at the nearby cafe. But consuming these on a daily basis would make you feel and be sick.

Best solution is to carry a proper tiffin from home if possible. It can contain a low carb diet or food for weight loss. Fried, oily, high calorie foodstuffs make you feel lazy and unhappy. Foods like yogurt give the same result as them being fermented foods. You need to identify such foods and simply minus them from your daily diet. A low carb diet would be probably helpful. You can always consult a good dietitian to inculcate good eating habits in you at the workplace.

4.Avoid Smoking:

If you are a smoking addict, then look for other healthy options. Because majority of the times, discussions or meetings happen over a cigarette or drinks as well. These are all harmful habits. Taking this into consideration, many offices ban smoking in their premises. While other few restrict such breaks. They keep a watch on them. Sometimes, the smoking zones are kept at distances so that employee would get bored going so far again and again.

This is a real challenge for the addicts and they need to find a way out. These days nicotine chews are also available as a substitute. Or another method is to be in the company of non smokers. Have a cup of coffee instead. You would forget to light the matchstick. This can make you more productive in your work as it would save lot of your time.

5.Stretch Your Limbs:

Due to continuous sitting, your body tends to become stiff. It also tightens the muscles and lengthens them. Therefore, it becomes necessary to keep them active at all times. Otherwise, they would weaken over a period of few years. It also leads to weight gain which forces you to have diet for weight loss. Your core muscles also become weak due to inactivity.

To avoid these effects, get off your place after a while, stand up, stroll down the office passage and also stretch your different muscles. Stretch your hamstring and other muscles. Also stretch your backs, especially the lower back muscles.

Follow these tips to lead a fit life!

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