Understanding The Relationship Between Blood Groups and Food Type

Everyone knows that there are four to five types of blood groups including the sub groups. But do you know that as per a few theories, there is a connection between the food guide and your blood type? CRB Tech would try to establish a connection between the two via this blog. Let's try what we can find out on this interesting topic.

Blood Groups and Food Type

Dr. Peter teamed up with Allan Richards and J. D'Adamo came up with this interesting theory for the first time that focused on blood type diet or what can be called as blood group diet. They wrote a book for the same, by the name “Maximise Your Health With The Blood Type Diet “. Approximately 30 years back, Dr Adamo had mentioned that diets can be separated based on the various blood groups. E.g. he meant to say that if one chooses his diet according to his blood type, then it would help him in weight loss and better digestion. "A person's blood type reflects on his/ her internal system. Their blood type in fact regulates the way their body absorbs nutrients from the food they eat. Healthy eating majorly depends upon the way the body reacts towards metabolizing a particular food type. I recommend to eat according to your blood type in order to stay fit and healthy," says Neeraj Mehta, who happens to be a well known fitness instructor and nutritionist.

Let us now focus on the various blood groups and their associated diet characteristics. In short on the blood group diet.

1. Blood Group B:

Blood group B is considered to be a balanced and a stable one amongst all the blood groups. This type is also less rigid as compared to blood types A and O. Therefore, people with this blood group are at an advantage as they can include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food in their diet. Happy to hear? But one thing is clear, that they do not overdo any of the food type. Maintaining a right balance becomes necessary for these guys. Remember that blood group B guys produce more cortisol during stress situations. Therefore, they are more prone to Syndrome X. These guys happen to be more fit mentally and physically.

It is better to avoid foods like peanuts, wheat, corn etc. as they interfere with the metabolic processes and the person ends into fatigue and hypoglycaemia. More intake of red meat, vegetables and dairy products with lesser fat content are a thumbs up.

2. Blood Group O:

Diet recommended for this blood type includes beef, lamb, chicken etc. in their diet. Egg, nuts and seeds are also advised in moderate amounts. Seafood consumption would increase hormonal levels in the body. This blood type diet is to be taken while the person is seated.

These people have more acids produced in their body. Therefore, their digestive systems are strong. As opposed to A, it transforms carbohydrates into fats. Hence the risk of body inflammation and a poor immune system increases many folds. These people are allergic to gluten found in wheat. Caffeine and alcohol are a strictly no no. It affects their system very badly.

3. Blood Group A:

Blood type A needs to get its nutrients from carbohydrates mainly. People with this blood types are poor in digesting animal protein and fat. This is mainly caused due to the low HCL acid content in the body.

Blood group diet for this type includes consumption of soy proteins, grains and vegetables on a frequent basis. If type A consume fruits like mangoes and oranges, it would affect their digestive systems badly. Instead, fruits like apple, dates etc are to be eaten. They are at a higher risk of getting cancer, heart diseases and diabetes as well. They are advised not to skip their meals, and consume foods in their natural state as far as possible.

4. Blood Group AB:

This rare blood type as Dr D'Adamo claims, "Type AB has Type A's low stomach acid, however, they also have Type B's adaptation to meats," This may lead to meat turned into fats in the body. Smoked and cured meat types can cause cancer in these guys. Alcohol and caffeine containing substances are banned. This blood group have a weak digestive track so bulk eating needs to be avoided and food needs to be consumed at regular intervals.

Salmon, Sardines, Tuna are amongst those fish that can be eaten. Eggs, tofu, yogurts are meant for this type. Red meat is allowed occasionally.

Majority of the medical researchers rule off this theory of blood type diet. They believe that such a connection does not exist. According to consultant nutritionist Niti Desai, "There is no scientific evidence for blood group type diet. It will give you results in the short term, as you are avoiding entire food groups but for the majority of the blood group types--it is not sustainable."

Therefore, such kinds of diets are not recommended by qualified dieticians and nutritionists.

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