Want To Live Longer? : 5 Healthy Diet Tips For Long Life!

Now, who doesn't want to live long ? Everybody would like to live till 100 years. Our past generations have lived quite long. It was due to their lifestyle and healthy food habits. CRB Tech feels that in today's age, we have succumbed to fast food due to our fast life. We do not have time and are on the run always. On top of it we do not follow a healthy diet plan. This all results into side effects like excess weight, heart ailments etc. 

Therefore, if we want to have a long and healthy life, we need to improve our living style and bring into practice proper exercise regimes. We should avoid instant measures like “how to lose weight fast” programs etc. They are risky for your health. Here are some healthy diet tips for you:

1. Have A Glass of Wine: 

Have A Glass of Wine

A glass of wine occasionally would help increase your life span. Research has proved that moderate amounts taken by women reduce the risk of death in them by almost 20 percent as opposed to those who don't. Wine becomes better with age. Everyone knows this. Similarly having an old wine would give you a longer life! Great news for the drinkers. In that too, red wine is the best. It has been found that resveratrol in alcohol is a compound that delays aging in some animals. It also prevents skin from showing aging effects. Also, best for prevention against deadly disease like cancer.

2. Vegetable and Fruits:

Vegetable and Fruits

Including vegetable and fruits in your diet is highly recommended. Apart from the other various benefits of having them, they help protect body cells from aging prematurely. The aging process is delayed as the antioxidants present in it fight the free radicals in our body. On the other hand, the fat content present in meat and other non vegetarian food leads to heart blocks blood pressure etc. Therefore it is advised that you follow a vegetarian diet or at least a semi vegetarian one.

3. Stay Slim:

Stay Slim

Avoid gaining excess weight on your body. It is harmful. It has been found in a study that those men and women who reach age 100 or 90 above are lean and fit. Excess of fat on your body results into diabetes, blood pressure , heart attacks etc. Fatness is also linked to reduction in immunity which leads to more diseases and illness. So for weight reduction what you can do is follow diet for weight loss and exercise regularly. If you do this religiously, you can reap the benefits by living a long life.

4. Be a Okinawan:

Be a Okinawan

On an average basis, Japanese people are known to live longer. Especially the citizens of this place called Okinawan. What is their staple food? Tofu and sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes are included in their diet on a daily basis. The have it as a snack or a side dish. Japanese are known to be the largest consumers of Tofu in the world. Sweet potatoes are a rich source of DHEA hormone that helps in anti aging. On the other hand Tofu helps fight various types of cancers in women. We have revealed this priceless secret for you. You can start having them in your daily diet. Hopefully, it would work as desired.

5. Home Cooked Food:

Home Cooked Food

It has been found out that, people who live long, say beyond a century, cook and eat at home more frequently than in outside restaurants. It is known to be a healthy habit. We do not know as to what kind of food is served in hotels and outside eateries. If it is not proper, then it may lead to stomach related infections and more such outcomes that hamper your health in the long run. Excess fats used in outside food is also harmful.

You can follow these eating habits and live a long and hearty life ahead ! So do not wait anymore and just begin. 

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