Watch Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle Pull off Some Crazy Dance Moves !

After Royal Challengers Bangalore's triumph over Gujarat Lions that guaranteed them a place in the IPL finals, Mandeep Singh and Chris Gayle took to the dance floor at a team party. Chris being his typical fun self, took after Mandeep's bhangra moves as they moved to famous Punjabi numbers.

Chris Gayle does everything with elegance and flamboyancy, whether it's hitting bowlers for immense sixes in cricket matches, or wearing his dancing shoes and shaking it to 'Champyaaan'. A fun character both on and off the field, he generally winds up in the thick of things!

Captain Virat Kohli couldn't fight the temptation to shake a leg and he soon joined the team! 

In the event that Gayle's raging up the dance floor, Kohli can't be a long ways behind. Keep in mind the 'Twist and Shout' move of theirs with Shane Watson playing the guitar? 

What followed was an insane dancing in the midst of cheers and hoots from whatever is left of the RCB camp.

Sitting relaxed with a spot in the Indian Premier League final, as of now secured, the Royal Challengers Bangalore are anticipating their adversaries for Sunday's tie in Bengaluru. Furthermore, it would appear that they are adoring the hold up! Colleagues Virat Kohli, Mandeep Singh and Chris Gayle are spending the extra day they have between matches by rehearsing a couple of dance moves. It would appear that captain Kohli and Universe Boss Gayle were all given lessons on the most proficient method to do the bhangra by fellow team member Mandeep.

Credit to Mandeep Singh for being the only cricketer to make Virat Kohli and Chris Gayle move to his tunes this season. The best of the bowlers have attempted and fizzled hopelessly as of late. In any case, Virat Kohli appears as agreeable on the dance floor as on the cricket pitch, having faring great in attempting to coordinate Mandeep Singh move to move. 

In the wake of turning out trumps in a progression of must-win games, RCB have earned themselves some valuable time to energize their batteries before coming back to the cricket pitch on Sunday. This will be an incredible sight for the RCB fans to see their team in high spirits before the big last one.

In yesterday's match, the Sunrisers Hyderabad defeated Kolkata Knight Riders to play a decider against the Gujarat Lions. The winner of them will play RCB in the grand finale for the title!

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