Bollywood Couples And Their Controversial Relationship Status…..!

CRB Tech Review brings you the decoded rumors on the love affair of Deepika – Ranveer / Alia – Sidharth/ Salman -Iulia / Virat-Anushka

Bollywood Couples And Their Controversial Relationship Status…..!

With some Bollywood affairs going kaput ; a few couples are gracing their relationship with much positive vibes. So among the gossip mongers some power couples take their rounds in every gossip. Are Deepika and Ranveer facing issues? Are Alia and Sidharth no longer together? Will Salman Khan really marry to Iulia Vantur? And what about Anushka and Virat …..

Love is easy found than maintained; and it holds very true with most Bollywood celebs.Considering there have been many break-ups in the recent past including that of Ranbir - Katrina or say Sushant and Ankita everyone tends to the belief that there’s barely any love left in Bollywood. In fact, lately rumors have been suggesting how Ranveer and Deepika are heading for a split and so are Alia and Sidharth. So we decided to brief this on-and-off relationship statuses of Bollywood couples, as per sources.

Deepika - Ranveer 
They have a complicated relationship status now

Be it Deepika's Hollywood venture or Ranveer's 23 kisses with lead actress, in Bekfire; they are not much displaying their love on any social media be it tweets or pictures. So what destiny holds for them, is a big question.... Only time can say!

Alia – Sidharth
They are not on talking terms

Remeber the cute couple that won the hearts of all!....Yess, they seem so much in love but they never opened up though; but they have been always in rumors. Their pictures, their chemistry, rather everything was enough to speak about their relationship status. But now there are rumors again that they are not in talking terms, might be Alia’s growing insecurity about Sid’s closeness to Shraddha Kapoor is the reason; yet unclear. But there is trouble in their paradise. So is this lovers tiff or an official break-up!.....

Salman- Iulia
Current status is committed

The most eligible bachelor yet at 50....No wonders ; no words! As tren Salman and Iulia have denied marriage rumors. Pictures depict that the two are very much together and have been going strong since a really long time. Salman’s family seem to have accepted Iulia. Iulia is even staying with the Khan family, until she finds an apartment of her own. So it’s pretty official between the two.....Great!But we obviously can't comment about their marriage,unless there is an official announcement.

They are committed but not make it official

There was a time when they were actually vocal about their relationship. But much to everyone’s disappointment, they broke up earlier this year..... Reason? as per reports mutual differences over marriage. Things got worse when they even unfollowed each other on social media. But thankfully, they resolved their issues and decided to give their relationship a second chance. Does that mean they are officially together?Nope! They are in a patch up period and have now mutually decided to never talk about their relationship in public, until they tie the knot.

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