New York Times calls Lata Mangeshkar a "so-called playback singer", gets trolled on social media

In a latest trending report of the AIB entertainer Tanmay Bhatt's Snapchat video content, brutally criticizing characters of two notorious living legends of India in particular, Lata Mangeshkar and Sachin Tendulkar, the every day alluded to Lata ji as a "said to be playback singer" for Bollywood movies.

Be that as it may, the report goes ahead to clarify the significance of the term 'playback vocalist' in the exact next line as the idea of playback singing is insignificantly known in the west. The given report likewise alluded to Sachin Tendulkar as a "colossally well known cricketer who resigned in 2013."
New York Times calls Lata Mangeshkar a

All this started when the snapchat video published by tanmay bhatt went viral allover. The contents of the video were shown in suach humiliating way which brutally critized characters of two living legends of India with global importance worldwide. Characters of two “Bharat Ratna” rewarded legends in particular, God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar and Goddes of Music Lata-Ji Mangeshkar were made fun of in a crucial manner.

While the whole country went wild on how somebody could deride and ridicule national symbols, here's something more that may stoke the flame. In a stunning unforeseen development, New York Times , while reporting about the dubious video, labeled Lata Mangeshkar calling her a 'so-called singer' whose contribution to music goes back to 1940s!

While her fans and music lovers, admirers still haven't possessed the capacity to leave the stun they met after Tanmay's video turned into a web sensation, this report of New York Times would without a doubt add to their furore. How about we hold up and watch what Lata and the Mangeshkar sisters need to say in regards to this.

In any case, rank idiocy and obliviousness does not appear to be the privilege of this man alone. The New York Times, which one would envision tries to a higher standard, calls Lata Mangeshkar a 'a so-called playback singer'. Seeing as that one sentence washes out a seven decade contribution and ridicules a standout amongst the most celebrated names in worldwide music and is a shameful attack and absolutely in bade taste.Saying

Lata is a so called music artist resemble saying Babe Ruth was a sort of baseball player or Jesse Owens used to run a bit.

Presently, it is being seen that a deep hatred for Tanmay Bhatt along with NYT are spread in the country.
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