Now, the Salman Khan “Raped Woman” Controversy !

CRB Tech reviews brings to you the latest controversy related to Salman Khan.

Salman Khan, frequently called Bollywood's enfant shocking, is once again caught in vexed waters attributable to a statement that he withdrew seconds after he made it. This is what happened in the latest controversial news related to him.

Now, the Salman Khan “Raped Woman” Controversy !

There were a progression of interviews lined up for the Sultan lead actor on Saturday evening 
(June 18) a week ago at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai. Right around 50 columnists were present to interview the superstar, and press addresses were divided in gatherings/clumps.

While discussing the wrestling shots, Salman described how he needed to lift a man measuring 120 kg just about 10 times for five distinctive camera angles. As per the actor's version, this routine continued for six to seven hours. “It is like the most difficult thing,” he said Salman, explaining what it felt like when he got out of the ring after the hectic shoot schedule. This was the Salman Khan comment: “When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out.”

Presently, – as can be heard in an audio record of the interaction under lock and key with – columnists present can be heard ejecting into a slight prattle and chuckling at the announcement. It was clear that the actor had made a violation of social norms. Understanding that he shouldn't have made a correlation with a rape victim, Salman included, “I don’t think I should have.” 

In an interview that has in this way turned into a web sensation, the last two proclamations by Salman – talked quickly after his 'raped woman' remark – went unreported, and that is the instance where online networking hubbub started. 

There is no denying that the Dabangg actor made the remark – whether he ought to have by any stretch of the imagination, is another open deliberation inside and out, however he promptly saw the mistake in it and withdrew it.

In a latest development, gang rape survivor Sunitha Krishnan, a Padma Shri awardee social dissident, has penned a searing public statement to the actor. In her letter, Sunitha set up together her musings and worries about, saying that I don't wish to take the name of the individual being referred to in light of the fact that I feel it would be like giving him a lot of respect. The way that he could without much of a stretch compare himself with being assaulted demonstrates how seriously he has trivialized rape and rape culture. The brutal truth is that great looks and some ability made him the star that he is and he plays this part lightly. With such acclaim, comes obligation.

This was about Salman Khan news, that spread like wild fire.

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