‘Sairat’ Cast On ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ 1st Time Promotion Of A Marathi Movie!

Every year Marathi silver screen has been turning up with some unprecedented movies. The current year's release "Sairat" is winning hearts, as well as done a record breaking business in the cinema world. 
‘Sairat’ Cast On ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’  1st Time Promotion Of A Marathi Movie!

The film, which is setting new records with every passing day and has earned Rs 80 Crore in this way, is good to go to be invited on The Kapil Sharma's show. Kapil Sharma chose to quit his previous show Comedy Nights on Colors; before starting this new show on Sony channel.

As indicated by reports in the media, actors and director of the film will be the following visitors on the comic appear. This is a first time that on-screen cast of a Marathi film "Sairat"will be invited on Kapil's show. The cast will shoot for the show on Sunday (June 5, 2016).

Well, this for sure calls for celebration for the ' Sairat' star cast.

Kapil Sharma show is a decent stage to promote movies and shows. Bollywood's famous people and TV actors are frequently seen showing up on the show before their big release, however this time a Marathi will be promoted on the comic TV appear.

Director of the movie "Sairat", Nagraj Manjule and its leading actors Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar will be the following visitors on Kapil's show, Marathi newspaper Loksatta reported.

The Manjule directorial is one of the greatest blockbusters released in the current year. The film has taken the overall film industry by tempest with its extraordinary accumulation. "Sairat" is the first Marathi film to take its film industry collection to over Rs. 75 crore in India. Aside from being an immense business achievement, the film is additionally gathering rave audits from superstars and Marathi film lovers.

As of late, "Housefull 3" actor Riteish Deshmukh praised the film and weighed it with the success and collection of "Sairat" with Bollywood's greatest blockbusters like "Dhoom 3" and "3 Idiots."

"Sairat is the first Marathi film to cross Rs 50 crore, and that's huge! And of what I hear, I am sure it will cross Rs. 75 to 80 crore. To keep things in perspective, when you talk about such figures in Maharashtra and the territory it belongs to, the success of 'Sairat' is almost equivalent to a Dhoom 3 or 3 Idiots," Riteish told the Quint.

Times are going great for this movie as it happens to be the first Indian movie as per sources; to have its music recorded in a Hollywood studio. It's music is being loved by one and all. Especially the song “Jhingaat”.

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