Skin Issues That You May Get When You Exercise

Your skin can pick up a lot of dirt during a workout—whether it’s from the handgrips on the treadmill machine or floor tile on the locker room ground.

Check out the most popular ways your health and fitness program might be affecting your skin and how to keep it clean after any type of workout.

Skin Issues of gym

Skin Attacks Triggered By Unclean Gym Equipment

With so many people using the same products every day, viruses and bacteria are easily distributed. And that can cause to some skin disease.

The fix: “Whenever possible, clean any health and fitness devices before you use it—even if you think someone already did so; and never, ever touch your face until your hands have been cleaned,”

“Touching the machine and then in contact with your experience can exchange these viruses, resulting in acne and even disease.”

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Heat Allergy Triggered By Working Out In A Hot Environment

Heat and moisture can cause sweating channels to become obstructed and expand, resulting in a warm rash.

“This condition, which often seems to be in the form of small red or light red spots that look similar to acne, is most popular around skin creases and places where outfits causes massaging,” says Dr. Schlessinger. The fix: If you’re going outside for a stroll, run, or drive a bike, stop and seek a shadow place to rest every now and then—preferably somewhere that’s air circulated.

Hyperpigmentation Triggered By Training Outdoors Without SPF

UV rays can seriously damage your skin, resulting in wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and a higher chance of melanoma.

The fix: “If you work out outside, it’s very important to implement a broad-spectrum sun block to all revealed places of the skin at least 30 minutes before going and re-apply often,

Body Acne Triggered By Dressed in tight Fitness Gear

Working out in a dress that’s too tight can cause sweating and viruses to become stuck inside your outfits.

This irritates your skin and causes your whole human body to break out. “Your sweating makes a warm, wet atmosphere where bacterias can flourish,” says Dr. Schlessinger.

The fix: “The best way to avoid human body acne is to bath instantly after you work out if you think your outfits is holding too firmly,

Chafing Triggered By Continuous Rubbing Of Skin

When your skin continuously rubs against outfits or other places of skin, you’re sometimes left with red, raw areas that hurt and get rid of.

The fix: “Working out in sleek, low-friction materials and preventing loose-fitting outfits on delicate places that are usually in movement can make a world of a difference,” says Dr. Schlessinger.

If you do experience chafing, clean the area with warm or awesome water and some detergent and implement an anti-biotic treatment, keeping it protected as it cures.

Athlete's Foot Triggered By Taking A Shower Barefoot

“The fungus that cause to athlete’s foot, a scaly rash that causes itchiness, biting, and losing between you, can be found on the ground of many public bath booths,” says Dr. Schlessinger.

“You’re also vulnerable to acquiring onychomycosis, a disease that causes toe nails to become thickened, weak, and solidified with a yellow-colored staining.”

And quite possibly the most severe foot-contaminating fact you've never thought of: Even the tiniest of reduces on the bottom of you could allow the human papillomavirus (HPV) to put through and cause a agonizing plantar hpv wart.

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