Viral Video: Drunk Girl Slaps Cop in Mumbai !

CRB Tech reviews brings to you this sensational latest viral video in which a heavily drunk girl can be seen slapping and abusing cops at a police station.

In two videos that have circulated around the web on various online networking sites, Bhide can be seen slapping and mishandling the Mumbai police inside the police headquarters while the guy present with her tries to prevent her from loosing control. The cops attempt to seize the young lady as she yells and tosses and breaks things around, however fails. After sometime, four officers hold her from arms and legs and take her away.

On June 15, three adolescents and a minor were arrested drunk driving in Worli, Mumbai, and were led to the police station from that point. Apparently, 20-year-old young lady named Gauri Bhide was under the influence of liquor while driving.

Allegedly, the trio has been captured and are in police custody and, the minor has been sent to Dongri children's' home.

Nonetheless, the cause of the entire incidence and where precisely it occurred is not yet clear. The two young men who were available in the police station are seen attempting to control the lady after she slapped a cop and made the ruckus. This is not the first incident where a girl slaps cops.

After 53 minutes on an average, all things considered, somebody is killed in a drunk driving accident (9,878 individuals altogether in 2011). Every two minutes, somebody is injured in light of this totally preventable crime. You can gain more about drunken driving in your state. 

Around 33% of the drunken driving issues – captures, accidents, deaths, and wounds – originates from rehash guilty parties. At any given point we possibly share the streets to 2 million individuals with three or more drunk driving offenses. Confiscating their licenses isn't sufficient; 50-75% of them drive anyhow. This is the reason we have to require ignition interlocks for all drunk driving wrongdoers – we can stop these guilty parties before they rehash their wrongdoings.

66% of the drunk driving cases originates from individuals who, before they execute or harm themselves or others, have yet to be captured. That is the reason we have to bolster law enforcement to dissuade drunk drivers through demonstrated solutions like sobriety checkpoints. It's additionally why we emphatically bolster research into technology that will kill drunk driving.

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