Check Out! The Look Alike of Maine Mendoza Is Here

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From the smile, wave and pabebe inclined to writing scripts and songs, were not far off Maine Mendoza and her you-look-alike and fan girl named Samantha Cleofas. Since Sam's resemblance to her idol, as she dubbed her school as Yaya Dub of the University of the East (UE) Manila. Menggay as the nickname of her mother and sister.         

"Avid fan din po kasi 'yung mother so're watching her, laughing I laugh because if she could see if I'm on TV especially those part who might funny face that I was Maine, exclaimed Sam lecture 24 Hours. Sam said among the thousands waiting for the movie Imagine Me & You. "I have already been asked, we watch that," she said. Requests also said she would have magkatuluyan the compound AlDub in real life. "Once look I just exchange of tweets, 'yun po' yung, 'Oh okay, maybe there's something you really," said Sam.

GMA have come up with a video that shows both Maine and her look alike in one frame side by side. After watching the video, one can really make out the similarities between the two ladies i.e.

Maine and her look alike. In the video, the look alike can also be seen being interviewed. She is even sporting a hairstyle similar to her idol. Samantha even spoke about the upcoming movie starring Maine and Alden that is expected to release soon. The shooting of the movie took place in Italy, a shot while ago.

We all know that Maine Mendoza has really risen in her career. She started as a stranger and an extra. However, now she is a very big star. Her sudden pairing with her co-star and now boyfriend Alden Richards, had resulted into she being a part of Vic Sotto's Metro Manila Film Festival 2015 entry. For Maine's debut big screen film, she won the best supporting actress award at the awards night of MMFF.

Recently, the net savvy individuals have noticed something peculiar in Maine Mendoza's face. They are of the opinion that she looks similar to the actress-singer Pops Fernandez!

A lot many of them also felt that in-spite of their similarities and differences, both these celebrity women look really gorgeous. A true complement from the fans of both of them.

Here is what, a tweet from Maine Mendoza said:

I am creeped out, this is the first time that I've seen someone who looks EXACTLY just like me. Akala ko ako siya, tawang tawa ako! Yikes!

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