Here's How You Can Treat Diabetes Sitting At Home !

CRB Tech reviews would like to suggest a few homely remedies for you, through this blog.

Diabetes is said to be a silent killer. It has no cure as such. Prevention is the mantra against it. Regular exercise and a balanced diet is the key to prevent diabetes.would like to suggest a few homely remedies for you, through this blog.

Treat Diabetes

Diabetes is said to be a silent killer. It has no cure as such. Prevention is the mantra against it. Regular exercise and a balanced diet is the key to prevent diabetes.

Individuals with diabetes, manage wellbeing issues each and every day. On the off chance that diabetes is inadequately controlled or left untreated, it might prompt blindness, damage to blood vessels, kidney disease, infection, coronary illness, nerve harm, hypertension, stroke, appendage amputation, and coma. We give you the rundown of home solutions for diabetes that incorporates food remedies for weight control and blood sugar levels.

Here are the homely remedies:

Uncooked Food:

Natural and uncooked nourishment food is the best drug for a wide range of sicknesses. They have their own natural enzymes. They are not weakened with chemicals. Beets, berries, apples, apricots, carrots, citrus fruits, parsnips, and winter squash are a few foods grown from the ground which are rich in soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is additionally useful in bringing down raised LDL cholesterol levels, a significant issue in numerous individuals with diabetes.

Foods, e.g. juices, fruits, sprouts, nuts thus on can be taken raw. Eating a diet that is rich in fiber helps the body to assimilate sugars gradually, which thus keeps glucose levels in control.


Meditation brings down the insulin resistance in our body. Stress hormones, like cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenalin strengthen the generation of insulin and glucose levels. Lessening these neurohormones through the Transcendental Meditation procedure assists to balance glucose and insulin in the blood. This normalizes metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

Green Tea:

Green tea is unfermented and thus has high polyphenol content, which has solid antioxidants and hypoglycaemic impacts. The polyphenols help in a controlled release of blood sugars.


Otherwise called psyllium husk is regularly utilized as a laxative. At the point when isabgol interacts with water, it swells to turn into a gel-like substance. This moderates the breakdown and assimilation of blood glucose. Metformin, a drug regularly utilized as a part of diabetic treatment, can agitate your stomach for which isabgol functions as a save guard.


Reflexology can initiate the creation of insulin by helping the cells that produce insulin in the body. It is done by chipping away at the pancreas and for the most part the endocrine (hormonal) framework .The liver would be another key territory to take a shot at through reflexology, because of its handling capacities being influenced by an expansion in sugar levels in blood.

Regular Exercise:

Exercise can possibly control the diabetes by non-medical ways. It decreases the seriousness of the disease and essentially diminishes the danger of long haul intricacies. The energy required for exercise can assist individuals to get in shape which goes out on a risk identified with focal corpulence. Exercise is known to increase insulin sensitivity which basically handles the root cause of type 2 diabetes. Additionally, regular exercise can likewise decrease cholesterol levels and individuals to diminish hypertension. Indeed, even somewhat additional activity every day can offer assistance.

Recommended Diet:

Diet which is a mix of fruits and vegetables get a rich cluster of cancer prevention agents, for example, vitamin C. Antioxidants keeps the oxidation and damage of artery walls, which generally can prompt plaque develop and heart related illness.

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Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves have energy to lower glucose levels. Basil leaves contain intense cancer prevention agents that ease oxidative stress; it's this stress that mixes issues in diabetics.
Flax Seeds and Cactus Juice:

Cactus plant juice from is likewise useful. Cactus juice can diminish and balance out blood glucose and insulin levels. Expending flax seed lessens postprandial sugar levels by 28%.

These were a few remedies which you can practice at home and live a healthy lifestyle.

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