HIDDEN MEANING : These Back moments of AlDub Everywhere they go Symbolizes What?

CRB Tech reviews tells you the story behind the poster of the phenomenal love team AlDub 'Imagine You and Me' movie. Read further for more on this.

Graphic designer Sir Vincent Galang is behind the release of the poster of the Phenomenal Love Team AlDub Imagine You and Me Movie.

As per Galang, the poster of the first solo movie of Aldub's members Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was created in a very short span of time. Just had two days to prepare the poster. Galang is proud and thankful for getting this huge opportunity. Catch the movie in the theaters on July 13 this year.

What can be said in regards to Imagine You and Me teaser motion picture trailer? All things considered, other than mixing up that the film utilizes The Turtles "Happy Together" as its signature tune (which it doesn't, coincidentally), it looks extremely oversimplified. A sentimental film that takes advantage of the fame of Alden and Maine of AlDub. It is the first significant film highlighting the AlDub (a few fans call it MaiDen) love group who got their first twist out of sheer fortunes in the Philippines' longest running theatrical presentation Eat Bulaga for just about a year now. This is the second film that included Eat Bulaga's Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards in a film; the first being My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore. So other than the standard "kilig" that one may get from sentimental film trailers, what else do we get from this teaser trailer?

It basically is a romantic film set (and generally shot abroad) with huge amounts of "pick up lines" utilized by an a magnetic male driving man to a "No Boyfriend Since Birth" (NBSB) female lead; a film which appears to just take into account the AlDub fans. All things considered, in any event that is the thing that we can see from the teaser trailer minimum than a month from its real release. This is something we see in some Star Cinema movies also, yet ABS-CBN is by all accounts more involved with how they promote their movies — to a relentlessly level.

What about you folks? What do you think about the first sentimental film highlighting the AlDub love team? Have you tailed this made-for-TV love team from Eat Bulaga? In the event that you are a fan, does this film or the teaser trailer release so far bravo? Impart your contemplations and insight about the Imagine You and Me! 

CRB Tech reviews would keep on bringing Alden related news to you, from time to time.

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