Top 5 Health Benefits Of Bay Leaf (Tej Patta)

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What Is A Bay Leaf?

Bay leaf is a fragrant leaf from the evergreen bay laurel tree, local to the Mediterranean. It is most broadly utilized as a part of cooking and preparing perfumes. The Indian bay leaf is essentially a three veined leaf which is circular, pointed, smooth and tough.


These leaves are pungent and have a sharp, severe flavor. Their taste and aroma are fairly like the cinnamon bark yet marginally milder. They are utilized as a part of crisp, dried or powdered form. The oil removed from bay leaves, called bay leaf oil has medical properties and is utilized to treat a few infirmities.

Bay leaves contain prominent plant-derived compounds, vitamins and minerals which offer a scope of advantages. This herb was generally utilized by the Greeks and Romans who trusted that it symbolizes insight, peace and protection. The different bay leaf medical benefits are given below.

1. Cure for Diabetes :

    Bay leaves have been known to be powerful in treating type 2 diabetes as they cause decrease in blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. To get greatest results, these leaves can be powdered and devoured for 30 days. This will bring about a drop in sugar levels in the body and also manage the working of your heart. This is on the grounds that the cell reinforcements in bay leaf empower the body to process insulin all the more productively, along these lines settling on it a decent choice for diabetics and individuals with insulin resistance.

2. Pain Relief:

    The oil extracted from bay leaf has mitigating properties which can facilitate the pain coming about because of sprains, strains, joint inflammation, stiffness and general pains and hurts. Rubbing your temples with bay leaf oil eases headaches and cerebral pains. It likewise supports dissemination and advances a sentiment of well being. If there should be an occurrence of joint pain, you can make a poultice of ground bay leaves and castor leaves, and tie it around the aggravated joints to diminish agony and swelling. If there should be an occurrence of migraine, you can heat up a couple cove leaves in water for a couple of minutes. Strain and drink this mixture while it is still hot. You can apply a glue of bay leaves on your forehead to get relief from extreme head pain.

3. Treatment of Cancer:

    Bay leaf contains caffeic acid, quercetin, euganol and catechins all of which have chemo-defensive properties which give resistance against various sorts of cancer. They likewise contain a phytonutrient called parthenolide which has appeared to explicitly control the expansion of cervical tumor cells.

4. Kidney Related Problems:

    Bay leaves help in treating kidney infections and even kidney stones. For this reason, boil 5 grams bay leaves in 200 ml water till 50 ml water remains. Strain and drink this twice every day. This will stop the development of kidney stones.

5. Digestion Benefits:

    Bay leaves are useful for facilitating digestion and can cure digestive issues, e.g. acid reflux and tooting. Drinking a concoction of bay leaf tea with high temp water can ease normal digestive issues like constipation, acid reflux and sporadic bowel moments. It contains enzymes that empower the breakdown of proteins, along these lines making it a great flavor for non-veggie lover diets. If there should arise an occurrence of acid reflux and bloating, you can take 5 grams of bay leaves, include a bit of ginger and heat up this in 200 mil of water till ¼ water remains. Include some nectar and devour this twice per day for alleviation. It additionally goes about as a hankering stimulant in the event that you are recouping from sickness.

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